When you’re working quickly to wash dishes and clean up your kitchen, the last thing you want is a clogged drain or an issue with your sink.  That is why the commercial garbage disposal was created.  There will be small plate scrapings and little pieces of foods that have typically always clogged drains, but this is the perfect solution.  Depending on what usually gets washed off your plate, you may need more power.  That is why we offer several different levels of horsepower for our garbage disposals, so they suit your needs effectively.  All of our options are easy to install and use, simply by flicking a switch or power button.  We offer the most innovative choices from Salvajor and InSinkErator.  These are brands that are known for excellence in the industry.

These disposals are stronger and last longer than typical ones that are used for residential use.  They’re designed to keep up with the high demands of your busy kitchen, to ensure dishes and everything involving the sink is operating properly.  It’s easy to use, comes with an energy saving switch, and includes a vacuum breaker to fix any minor issues.  Made from aluminum and steel, it doesn’t get any better than this.  If you’re tired of dumping out plates into the trash because your sink can’t handle even the smallest amounts of food, invest in a commercial garbage disposal.  It will save you time and energy in several aspects. 

Every restaurant should have one of these if they don’t already.  Your employees will appreciate it, and it will prevent your drains from clogging with small food items.  Make the right choice and purchase a commercial garbage disposal from us today!

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