Another important feature to all commercial sinks for restaurants are drainboards.  Some prefer to have them, even multiple, while others don’t.  Our selection includes choices that have no drainboards, one, two, and on the right side.  Our styles also vary, you can get a free standing sink or a drop in style that fits appropriately in any tight space.  Depending on how your restaurant space is laid out, you will probably figure out which option is best for you pretty quickly.  Our commercial sinks are made from stainless steel, one of the toughest materials that will last in any working environment.  They include easy to use faucets for cold and hot water for all your needs.

We have many sinks that are deeper than others, and some that include multiple compartments.  We can provide anything from one to four compartments, and all the space you need to keep your kitchen organized.  Whether you're using a small sink in your bar, or a large one for dishes behind your kitchen, we have everything you need.  Your staff can easily create cleaning stations, sanitizing stations, practically anything needed with the space you’ll have using our commercial sinks.  We encourage you to look into all of our choices before deciding on one.

With free commercial shipping and a low price guarantee, you won’t find a better offer anywhere else.  We have the best selections, and the best customer service to go along with that.