Sinks / Dishwashing

Our selection of commercial dishwashing equipment is full of useful items that all restaurants need.  That includes sinks, garbage disposals, and much more.  We have a great variety that is built to help you make the most of your space.  We will provide everything you need so you can wash dishes quickly, and effectively.

Restaurant Sinks, Glass Washers and Dish Machines

Our selection includes many different types of sinks that will work extremely well in your kitchen.  Whether it’s a bigger dish sink for washing dishes, or even a hand sink so your employees can wash their hands, we’ve got you covered.  We have many different styles of sinks that have many different variations of drainboards.  That means you get your choice of no drainboard, left, right, or both.  Garbage disposals are also important because they prevent your drain from getting clogged by various food items or materials that could cause concern.  It’s something every restaurant should invest in, and our choices are durable and affordable.  We offer the very best commercial dishwashing equipment from top brands like Hobart, Hatco, Salvajor, BK Resources, Advance Tabco, Eagle Restaurant Equipment, and much more.

We also offer glass and dishwasher machines to wash your dishes if you prefer to not do them by hand.  This takes a lot of time if you have a large amount, so you may need one of these back in your kitchen area.  This will allow your employees to focus on delivering quality meals and service to your customers.  When it comes to cleaning in your restaurant, you should always invest in quality equipment from brand names you can count on.  Our selection covers all of those aspects, and even includes a low price guarantee!

Purchasing from our selection of commercial dishwashing equipment will give you everything you need to keep your dishes and glassware as clean as possible.  Your customers will appreciate it, and your restaurant reputation and sanitation grades will improve.  It will help your restaurant business from top to bottom, and we will make sure you find exactly what you’re looking for!