Commercial Walk-In Freezers

Our walk in freezers include a "super door" construction to seal in cold and prevent condensation to assist in keeping food at its finest. Some of the Kolpak walk in freezers are made to order, so delivery mmay be delayed when additional pieces are ordered. However, we do offer free commercial shipping, so you can save some money for that aspect.  This item can provide the additional freezer space your commercial space or business may need.  Depending on what you need a freezer for and how much space, it can really improve your business.  It’s common for some ice cream or Italian ice shops to have these to store their extra food and keep it at the perfect temperature.  If your items aren’t at the right temperature, it can affect the quality and durability of it.  You want your foods to be considered high quality and last as long as possible.  Here are, we can help you achieve that, and keep your customers satisfied for many years to come.

We have the widest selection of walk in freezers so you can find what is best for your space.  Some are much larger or smaller than others, and we understand that you may have limited space to work with.  That is why we have a wide variety to choose from.  If you need help deciding which one is best for you, please consult one of our experts.  We will make sure you have a positive experience with us!