We have many great choices in our selection exclusively with a dependable brand that does spectacular work.  Kolpak provides us with many spectacular choices of commercial walk-in coolers with various sizes that is specifically crafted to meet all of the requirements of our customers.  It can help provide your business the space you need to keep materials organized, and at the appropriate temperature to ensure quality.  We will make sure you get the perfect size for your space.  We have from 5 x 4 all the way to 10 x 10.  We have great choices available in every size in our collection.  You can depend on our commercial walk-in coolers to provide the cooling you need for your ingredients and other items you have in mind. We have the flexibility with our prices to meet the needs and work with any budget. See for yourself why our coolers are a leader in the industry, you won’t regret your decision.

Walk in coolers are used in many different settings and by many different restaurants and business owners today.  We can provide the high quality you’re looking for, all for an affordable price to you.  Our staff is determined to find the best product for your needs, so give us a call if you need support!