Sandwich prep tables are one of the most versatile pieces of restaurant equipment available. These stations combine the necessity of refrigerated storage with the convenience of a cutting board and prep area. Whether you’re crafting a signature sub or a delectable salad, standard sandwich prep tables allow for easy assembling, which means you can deliver your food quicker.

When it comes to product features, standard top sandwich prep stations come with a variety of options. If you’re serving a larger number of ingredients, you probably want to opt for a station that has 3 sections and 1/6 size pan openings, which offers the greatest number of pan options. If you aren’t looking for that amount of ingredient variety, stations also come in 1-section and 1/3 size pan openings (and almost every combination in between). Stations are also available with varying numbers of drawers (anywhere from 1-6) for easy access to refrigerated storage. Not sure what size equipment to purchase? Keep in mind the number of ingredients you offer, the amount of refrigeration space you need, and the floor space area available in your kitchen. If you need more pan space, check out our selection of mega top sandwich prep tables.

Here at ShortOrder, we offer industry-leading brands like Beverage-Air, True, and Turbo Air with our Low Price Guarantee, so you know you’ll receive the best equipment at a great value. Plus, most ShortOrder equipment comes with free commercial shipping, which can help you cut down on your restaurant’s overhead costs. It’s all part of our dedication to serving up quality products and customer satisfaction. Shop our wide selection of sandwich prep stations today!

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