These standard top sandwich prep refrigeration choices come with many different unique features.  The pans are cooled from the bottom, so airflow assures that the product in open containers is kept below 41 degrees and above freezing.  This helps the appearance and taste of these items; it will keep everything fresh and reduce bacteria.  There are removable hoods and insulated lid assemblies made with matching stainless steel.  Everything is designed to be cleaned up easily, thanks to the strong, durable surface it's created with.  Because of its size, it is made with wheels to help make it easier to transport or move around your space.  We have many different options that have different storage options to offer.  We have a wide variety of sizes and styles available so you can find what works for your specific needs.  Whether you’re a sub shop or need it in your restaurant, it will get the job done on a consistent basis.  You can rely on this to provide your customers with fresh ingredients every single time.

The use of standard top sandwich prep refrigeration has been widely used by many for a long time. It helps organize your ingredients and sides to provide the best experience for your customers.  It can help your employees work more efficiently on a normal basis.  If you have any trouble finding the perfect one for your distinct needs, please let us know so we can help.  Thanks for checking out our wide selection at!