Sandwich Prep Tables and Sandwich Prep Stations

The idea of having the best ingredients, meats, and sides to go with your menu can make the difference for your business.  Our mega top sandwich prep refrigeration will help you enhance your quality, and you can organize your foods easier.  We give you plenty of space to work with, and most items include removable hoods with insulated lids that are made of stainless steel.  Our materials are strong and durable, and will keep your foods at the perfect temperature for as long as you need and then some!

There are countless uses of a refrigerated prep table.  Whether you need it to make pizzas, subs, salads, our choices will do the job.  With a full-length removable cutting board, you can easily slice and dice ingredients easily.  No matter how you plan on using it, we give you some of the best options on the market.  That comes with an affordable price and a great value as well.  The combination of our choices will enhance the efficiency in your kitchen, as well as keeping the quality extremely high.  It will be easier to keep all of your best ingredients fresh and organized in your given space, which will help all of your employees do great work on a consistent basis.

With our low price guarantee at, you can find one of the best options while saving money on your purchase.  We have a great variety where you can find exactly what you need.  If you need help in deciding what’s best for you, please contact us.