Chef Base Refrigerators

Each chef base refrigerator can hold a certain amount of weight and has their own set of unique features.  Most drawers can be removed conveniently and cleaned with ease.  Maintaining a clean kitchen is extremely important for any chef and kitchen staff.  We will give you the best materials that produce the quality foods you need while providing an easy way to clean them.  A chef base can vary in size and weight, so be sure you get one that fits in your space perfectly.  Our materials provide the strongest drawers in the industry and can be removed without using any tools.  You can get a rugged workspace that is strong and built to handle the everyday circumstances of your kitchen. What could be better than that?  

Our materials will also prevent dust from collecting over time, giving you less to clean and worry about.  Our stainless steel has been developed through rigorous testing and research over the years.  Experts in the field have really perfected this item; we are honored to have it in our collection.

When you shop with, you get free commercial shipping and a low price guarantee.  We will do everything possible to ensure it is installed correctly as well.  Our team is determined to offer you outstanding customer service before and after your purchase.  If you have any other questions, shoot us an email or give us a call!