We have commercial slicers from some of the most trusted brands the industry has to offer, including Globe, Berkel, Hobart, German Knife, and Nemco.  We have a great variety that features knife sizes from 9” to 14”.  These are perfect for cutting meats and cheeses.  We offer several different styles like manual angle feed, manual gravity feed, automatic gravity feed, and self-propelled angle feed.  Providing your customers perfect, precise slices of meat is essential to their satisfaction.  Our choices will provide the long lasting performance and durability that you’re looking for.  With a low price guarantee, we can offer you the very best value.

Our choices are reliable, consistent, and you can easily show your employees how to use them.  This is a powerful tool that is perfect for many different types of restaurants.  Depending on how much you’re slicing, we can help you find the best option that suits your needs and works with your budget.  This is a must for a busy deli shop or any restaurant that serves a large amount of subs or sandwiches.  Using our commercial slicers will help you increase quality, and production levels right away.