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Commercial mixers combine ingredients for your kitchen staff. Without commercial mixers, popular dishes would soon become too unwieldy to prepare by hand, simply because of the quantity of ingredients that need to be mixed. The best commercial mixers give you easy-to-clean elements, proven reliability and a choice of mixing speeds. Our selected brand-name commercial mixers include: Hobart mixers and Univex mixers.

Commercial Mixers

One of the most important commercial kitchen appliances any restaurant can own is a commercial mixer. Without one, things can get very difficult to make. This is especially true for those big food dishes that call for 80-quarts worth of ingredients. We know you don’t want to mix that by hand.

At Short Order we carry a wide variety of commercial mixer sizes so that you have many options to choose from. Our smallest commercial mixer is 10-quarts while our largest can hold up to a whopping 80-quarts. When shopping with us you will have only the best brand names available to you, such as Hobart, Globe, and Univex. You won’t find better mixers than these.
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