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Make sure your restaurant prep is done the right way with our kitchen prep appliances, work tables, and equipment stands. With quality slicers, cutters, tables, stands, mixers, blends, and more, Short Order brings you the best brands at best prices. Shop our prep equipment from top brands like Hobart, Eagle, Waring, and Lakeside and discover what a difference our prices and quality equipment can make.

Kitchen Prep, Work Tables, Equipment Stands

Kitchen prep equipment is mandatory in every kitchen. Without slicers, mixers, blenders, food processors and food grinders, as well as the work tables and equipment stands to put them on, chefs would be unable to cook and restaurant customers would go home hungry.

The ultimate foundation items for productivity in your kitchen are work tables, and we carry them in just about every 12-inch size increment imaginable to ensure a perfect fit for your space. Work tables will generally have a depth of 30 to 36 inches. Be sure to measure your kitchen and develop a plan for the work flow of ingredients, dishes and employees as they move through the area. Then you will be prepared to purchase work tables in the sizes and strengths you need. Keep in mind that if the table will be sitting against a wall, a riser or back splash is a smart add-on that will prevent spills from dripping behind the table. When considering stainless steel tables, know that lower gauge numbers mean stronger steel.

Used primarily by butcher shops and delis for slicing meats and cheeses, the slicer is a piece of kitchen prep equipment that dates back to 1898 when it was invented in Holland by Wilhelm van Berkel. Today, classic models from brands like Hobart are still operated by a manual crank. More modern slicers use an electric motor to slice automatically at programmed speeds. Our slicers are designed around a large circular blade that rotates over a sliding tray. The tray moves your meat, cheese or other ingredient into the blade and then gathers the fresh slices as they are cut for the simplest kitchen prep of these ingredients.

When it comes to combining a bulk of ingredients, commercial mixers are highly useful to your kitchen staff. The large quantities of ingredients that need to be mixed for the preparation of your best dishes require the heavy-duty power of appliances like vertical mixers, which are designed to be easy to clean and always reliable. At Short Order, we proudly offer these mixers for kitchen prep in sizes ranging from 10 quarts to 60 quarts.

Want to upgrade the quality of your restaurant? Improve the efficiency of your kitchen today with restaurant prep equipment from Short Order. After all, when your kitchen is well-prepared, your customers will be well-fed and satisfied.