Ice Machines

Short Order carries only the best ice machines from top brands like Manitowoc and Scotsman. Whether your restaurant needs refreshing ice for drinks or crushed ice for displays, top-performing ice machines that produce high-quality ice are a must for keeping customers happy. Shop with Short Order today and save money on ice makers, ice dispensers, undercounter ice machines, head and bin combos, and more.

Ice Machines, Ice Bins and Ice Makers

Short Order offers ice machines, ice bins and ice makers by leading manufacturers at the lowest prices available anywhere, plus free freight with your purchase. We have a wide selection of head/bin combos, undercounter ice machines, ice dispensers and head-only machines that produce dice cubes, half-dice cubes, nuggets, and flake ice. Find restaurant equipment for your food service operation from the best brands from Short Order, including Manitowoc, Scotsman, and Hoshizaki.

Our commercial ice machines ensure quality ice because they utilize moving water that pours down along a 32-degree surface, and only the purest water will freeze on a surface at this temperature. Any impure water, which requires lower temperatures to freeze, will simply run right down into the drain. Air and undissolved solids are washed away, resulting in the clearest ice for your foodservice operation. Once an ideal level of ice has built up on the surface, the sheet of ice will slide down onto a wire grid that cuts it into the desired cube or flake shape. Then your fresh ice falls into the storage bin for convenient access.

We carry the top ice machine brands so you know that you are getting the best in ice machine value for your business’s needs. Manitowoc, for example, pioneered the commercial ice machine. The company’s development of the Manitowoc S-Series ice machines put it on the map, as its innovative technology set a new standard for conservation, sanitation, noise reduction, and serviceability. Today, 97% of all Manitowoc ice machines are Energy Star compliant, meeting or exceeding the high performance standards established by the Consortium for Energy Efficiency. Hoshizaki, another ice machine brand carried by Short Order, is also one of the world's largest manufacturers of ice machines, with offices and manufacturing facilities located worldwide. The Scotsman brand is also a leader in the ice machine industry, having repeatedly been recognized by Energy Star for its dedication to energy efficiency and superior performance.

The Low Price Guarantee on restaurant equipment here at Short Order ensures you’re getting the best value on an ice machine. We are so committed to being the leading online restaurant equipment dealer that we will refund customers 110% of the difference in price if they find the same ice machine anywhere else at a lower cost. To learn more about our ice machines, check out our buyer’s guide to ice machines and our guide for choosing the right ice machine for your business.