There are several types of heating sources to choose from when you’re searching for new commercial hot plates to add to your commercial food service establishment. There are many advantages to cooking with propane, but the two primary reasons you may want to choose this high-output fuel is that it’s domestically produced and it remains one of the most efficient cooking resources available to restaurants. We also offer a wide range of natural gas hot plates, which is one of the most affordable solutions to cooking responsibly with fewer refinement processes. Last but not least, our electric products are more economical and allow less heat to escape so you can cook evenly and save money on cooling your kitchen.

Choose between one and eight burner options depending on the volume of orders your establishment receives. Countertop commercial hot plates are ideal for quick setup solutions when you need additional cooking space. If you operate a concession stand or a bar that serves food, we guarantee that you’ll find hot plates to be beneficial to overall quality and efficiency in serving customers their orders. Many of the hot plates we provide feature cast iron top grates and burners with manual switches for optimum operator control. Enjoy additional features you can find exclusively in our selection of commercial hot plates, including stainless steel construction for ease of cleaning, aluminum splash plates, drip pans, adjustable legs, safety lights, and so much more. Browse our inventory today to find everything your kitchen needs.