Commercial Microwave Ovens

How did we ever live without microwave ovens? And how did our restaurants run without them? These days having a state-of-the-art commercial microwave oven is an integral part of having a successful kitchen. Because this type of appliance has nearly double the power outage of those used in the home, it can heat food extremely quickly.

What’s nice about a commercial microwave over a microwave for the home is that it has many of the same features, but the commercial appliance is much more powerful. This is because it typically has two magnetron tubes installed instead of one, which allows those cooking to use it on a continual basis without it overheating. Since it has been made like this, it tends to be larger and heavier than your typical in-home microwave oven.

Short Order carries multiple wattage options and lets you choose from a variety of electrical connection preferences so that you can get the commercial microwave oven that makes sense for your kitchen.