Using a microwave has always been the easiest and most efficient ways to heat up food quickly.  It can be an important piece of equipment to have in your restaurant kitchen, you never know when you will have to use it.  That’s why we believe it’s important to get one that is energy efficient, reliable, and made from a brand name you can trust.  Our choices cover all three of those aspects, so you can feel confident in purchasing one from us.  They’re also built for reliable performance, safe heating, and long lasting durability you can truly count on.  Commercial microwave ovens are perfect for cooking low-fat meals and endure long and repeated uses.  We wouldn’t offer anything less than that here at Short Order.  We only offer the best products, from brands that you know and trust.

Our selection features many different sizes of commercial microwave ovens, so you can easily find one that fits well in your space.  They also feature up to 6 different power settings, various programmable memory pads, and an easy to use touch-control keypad system.  Depending on how you plan on using it, we offer various choices that have numerous power levels to get the job done.  Our choices have been continuously developed through a passion to innovate and create energy efficient solutions for all restaurants and food service businesses.  Not only do they work effectively, but they are built to last a lifetime.

Our commercial microwave ovens are easy to use, deliver consistent performance your restaurant can count on, and our selection is full of great choices just for you.  With our price match guarantee, you can find one of the best choices on the market, for an unbeatable price.