Our wide range of countertop and wall-mounted restaurant cheese melters can perfectly fit with any commercial kitchen design. If you are looking to save space on your kitchen counters, a wall-mounted unit may be best for you. With multiple rack positions, solid state controls, and quartz infrared tube heating elements to cook or melt to perfect temperatures, look no further than Vulcan’s commercial cheese melters. We offer sizes ranging from 24 to 48 inches, so you can order according to your application requirements and volume expectations. Countertop models feature four-inch adjustable legs. APW products feature specially-designed controls that allow the unit to maintain standby levels with quarter-heat capacities. Each unit is activated by placing a plate on the shelf, offering easy-to-use operation and handling for employees of varying experience levels.

The restaurant cheese melters that we offer come in a variety of heating options, including propane, natural gas, and electric, so you can order your equipment based on your favorite cooking source. If you decide on an electric option, the electrical compartment is fan-cooled. Many of the units we provide feature stainless steel exteriors and interior finishes, so you can cut cleaning costs. Stainless steel also has the benefit of being naturally resistant to corrosion and unsightly spots. The tops, sides, and backs of each unit are protected with one inch of insulation.

From hors d'oeuvres to hot pastries and scallops to nachos, you can achieve consistent browning and melting when you invest in dependable commercial cheese melters. If your equipment has broken down and needs to be replaced, take a closer look at our inventory today to find exactly what your restaurant needs.

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