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Char Broilers

Char broilers are restaurant equipment appliances built to allow you to serve grilled foods – complete with that open-flame flavor and the grill marks – without needing an outdoor grill. For more information on char broilers, including a comparison of char rocks, lava rocks and radiant heat, visit our char broiler buyers guide. Our favorite brand-name commercial char broilers include: Vulcan char broilers, APW char broilers, and Wolf char broilers.

Char Broilers

Debating whether or not to invest in a new char broiler for your commercial restaurant? There are so many benefits to using a char broiler that you’ll wonder why you didn’t purchase one before.

What’s nice about using a char broiler in your commercial restaurant is that it cooks using dry heat, giving you that nice grilled taste and beautiful grill marks without having to actually use an outdoor grill. You can think of it as a firebox that has a grate atop the flame. Like an outdoor grill, a char broiler is primarily used to cook vegetables and meats like beef, chicken, or fish, but can also be used to finish off a dish or reheat an entrée.

We carry a wide variety of char broilers, and with a wide selection of size options, types, gas options, and manufacturers, you will be able to find the appliance that’s just right for your kitchen.
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