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Ranges, Ovens, Fryers and Other Commercial Cooking Equipment

If you're looking for cooking, browse through our bounty of commercial cooking equipment that you can order and have shipped free-of-charge to your business. A passion for great cooking is what brings us to the food service industry to begin with. You have worked hard to perfect your recipes and to cultivate the customers who love them, so you require and deserve the highest quality restaurant equipment to handle your cooking needs. Short Order is here to take the guesswork out of choosing the finest commercial cooking equipment for your kitchen at the best values. In addition to ranges, ovens and fryers, Short Order sells char broilers, griddles, microwave ovens, hot plates, warmers, steamers, combiwave ovens and much more, all from top manufacturers. Our favorite brand-name products include Vulcan ranges, Bakers Pride ovens, and Frymaster fryers. Trust Short Order for all your restaurant equipment needs.

Our selection of ranges come in various shapes and sizes, so you are sure to find the ideal configuration. Heavy duty ranges are great for establishments that use higher energy output and shorter cooking times such as hotels, hospitals, schools and other high-volume institutions. These ranges’ larger gas valves allow for easy syncing with additional components. Built for durability and to withstand intense use, heavy duty ranges can be batteried together to form larger units in high-volume kitchens. Meanwhile, restaurant-duty ranges such as the Vulcan Range 60-SS-6B-24G-NAT are more economically priced and work well standing on their own. Their lower initial cost and lower service fees make them the reasonable choice for most restaurants and chains.

Convection ovens work by moving heated air across food placed in the unit, yielding faster and more evenly cooked results. A fan mounted in the oven wall pushes hot air around the oven chamber and forces cooler air away from the food. Convection ovens built for high-volume restaurant cooking, such as the Editor's Choice Wolf Oven WKED-1-208-1, actually save energy by reducing temperature by 30% and cook time by up to 25%. Of course, commercial ovens can be used for a plethora of cooking techniques from baking to roasting. A more specific piece of commercial cooking equipment is the fryer. When shopping for fryers, look for general-purpose units with large capacities. The faster recovery time in models such as the Frymaster Fryer EH1721 ensure that the fryer can maintain proper cooking temperatures for maximized production. It does this by quickly reheating the oil back to starting temperature as soon as cold food is dropped in.

And luckily, our Low Price Guarantee on restaurant equipment ensures you’re buying the best value out there on this commercial cooking equipment. Because of our dedication to being the leading online commercial cooking equipment dealer, we promise to refund 110% of the difference if you find the same item priced lower anywhere else. We are committed to customer satisfaction and even offer free freight with your order. We maintain the What's Cooking restaurant equipment blog, which is a great resource for food service operators that features a rotating selection of our favorite restaurant equipment. Short Order is all about making your job easier, so please contact us if you have any concerns or ideas for us.