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ShortOrder carries only the best Carts / Shelving / Racksfrom top brands like Shelving - (DSS), Crescor, Eagle , Cambro, Lakeside, New Age, Luxor, Metro, Advance Tabco, and Turbo Air. We offer free freight and low prices on all commercial Carts / Shelving / Racks appliances.

Carts, Shelving and Racks

To support the fast-paced operations of your food service establishment, you need carts, shelving and racks that are sturdy and dependable. This restaurant equipment is frequently taken for granted in high-volume commercial kitchens, but as a smart restaurant operator, you know better than to purchase any old carts or shelving units for back-of-house use. Short Order understands your requirements for a variety of carts, shelving and racks that are not only of the highest quality, but also delivered at the best value possible. That’s why we feature an extensive inventory of this restaurant equipment category in various styles and sizes, to cater to your every need.

We feature two general types of restaurant equipment carts: utility carts and security carts. Our Lakeside utility carts and New Age utility carts come at the best prices from these quality brand name manufacturers. One of our favorites is the Lakeside Utility Cart 422, constructed with three commercial-grade stainless steel shelves and 4-inch swiveling casters. With the strength to support up to 500 lbs of whatever you need it to hold, you won’t be disappointed with this all-purpose cart. It even features protective bumpers on its legs and handle, so it won’t scratch or dent nearby walls or furniture. When it comes to security carts, look no further than Eagle security carts for the tough, theft-proof construction you require. Choices like the Eagle Security Cart SC2460 are a smart buy. This model is constructed of open wire with a chrome-plated finish, and its quick-action locking device comes with a padlock hasp. So your contents are not only protected, but also easy to view and take inventory of without needing to unlock the cart.

Our pan and try racks are capable of holding so much without taking up much space. Their upwardly stacked design makes them ideal for loading up all sorts of restaurant kitchen creations, even when working in a tight corner. Use them for storing pizza, bread, cakes, pies and more. Try our Eagle pan and tray racks as well as our New Age pan and tray racks. If you just need to store heavier supplies or products in a space that is low to the ground without touching it, consider dunnage racks. They are a sanitary solution at a great value- the Lakeside Dunnage Rack 9180 is a top-rated choice that comes at a great price. With five lateral bars of aluminum tube that are welded for maximum strength, it can sustain up to 2,000 pounds!

Consider Short Order your one-stop shelving superstore. In addition to the great restaurant equipment we’ve just mentioned, we also sell dry storage shelving kits, pass-through shelving and display shelving to suit any need. Peruse our selection of Eagle display shelving, and you’ll discover an effective solution that combines visual merchandising with storage at a fantastic value. For example, the Eagle Display Shelving M1848C-4 is made of chrome-plated wire shelves that you can position at adjustable angles for a customized experience. With casters attached, you can easily transport this shelving unit to different areas of your food service establishment. So it’s ideal for when you want to switch up your merchandising efforts. All of our shelving products are available at the lowest prices you’ll find anywhere, backed by our Low Price Guarantee on restaurant equipment.