Our selection features washers that are energy efficient, provide a consistent clean every time, and can easily fit in your restaurant or bar area.  We have undercounter and underbar styles, made in a wide variety of sizes.  They also have service diagnostics to troubleshoot any issues, reliable sanitizer pumps, and a fresh water rinse to have your glasses looking clean every single time.  A dirty glass could scare customers away and hurt your reputation, so it is important to get this right.  We understand you may not have time to wash them by hand, and your efforts will need to be focused on getting other tasks done.  That is why our bar glass washer could be very valuable for your restaurant business. 

Whether you already have a space laid out for it, or have no idea what size you should get, we can help you find what works for you.  You have probably been to a bar and wondered how they have so many clean glasses laying around ready to use, the bar glass washer is the reason for that.  Washing them by hand takes too much time, and many restaurant owners and their employees simply don’t have time for it.  Most of their time will be spent running the business, whether that means cooking food or serving their customers, washing dishes just isn’t a priority for them. 

The bar glass washer is an ideal solution that everyone can afford.  Especially when you purchase with us here at Short Order, our low price guarantee makes it that much easier.

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