Many of our choices are smaller so they won’t take up too much space in your precious bar area.  The main function the bar glass chiller provides is to keep your mugs and bottles cold at all times.  If you order a cold beer, you would hate for it to be warm, and customer satisfaction levels can decrease.  In order to avoid this, you should order from our selection of glass chillers.  We have a fantastic variety from top brands like Glastender, Beverage-Air, True, and Turbo Air.  You have the choice of selecting one that has one or two sections, to suit your needs.  Our choices are energy efficient, and highly functional in any space.  Simply plug it in and fill it up with beer glasses and mugs, and they will be cool in no time.

All the options in our selection are known for being energy efficient, which means your energy bills won’t increase.  They’re made with stainless steel construction on the outside and galvanized steel on the interior.  This provides the perfect cooling method while providing strong durability throughout the machine.  Many of our choices feature an automatic defrost method that has been proven to be extremely effective.  This is a necessity for all bar and restaurant owners, your customers will always appreciate a cold beverage after a long day at work, and this will help you provide it.

If you’re not sure which bar glass chiller would work well in your given space, be sure to give us a call.  Our team will help you find the best choice based on your needs and budget.  We are committed to providing the best customer service in the business.

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