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This holds temp really well, was very well priced, and we were really happy. Then one day we had a dreadful chemical smell, and after that it was nice and cold if the charbroiler sitting on it was off, but temps were getting too high during service. Decided there was not enough space between the charbroiler and the top of the chef base, so I went to the hardware store and got 4 short, threaded steel pipes and 4 screw-on flanges. I screwed them together and put the legs of the charbroiler into these to raise the charbroiler by about 4 inches. Sturdy, cleanable, easy fix. I contacted True and they replaced the top. Sure enough, the insulation had melted. I have no doubt that for most types of cooking equipment, this chef base would be just great. The charbroiler just kicks a TON of heat out and down. Anyway, all works great now and I'm happy!
The Good
Holds SIX full pans, 4" deep, in the same footprint as my old chef base which held 4 pans.
The Bad
The insulation under the top melted because of the heat of a crankin' old radiant charbroiler (but True took care of it, and I have a fix; read below!)
Hilarie Burhans
from Athens, Ohio

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