Product Reviews for Scotsman Undercounter Ice Machine CU50PA-1A

This is our third Scotsman CU50PA-1A purchased from for use at our church. This purchase was a replacement for the first one purchased that failed and was not repairable. Replacement cost was less expensive than repairs to the old unit. Hopefully, the two now in-place will continue to provide great service!
Larry Oberg

Quiet, reliable. We now own two of these units.
Larry Oberg

Hopefully the compressor will last more than the five year warranty.
The Good
Very efficient making ice and quieter than the previous Scotsman that it replaced. The cleaning reminder and water flow indicator lights are nice features.
The Bad
Definitely need a plumber to install due to difficult water line connection design.
William Johnson
from Newport Beach, CA

Installed indoors, under-counter, in a kitchen remodel. Generally happy with it. Does make some noise while dropping the freshly made ice, but that's no big deal.
The Good
Makes fantastic ice - crystal clear, slower melting; makes a lot of it and FAST! Installed easily, too. Place for the scoop is a nice benefit.
The Bad
The ice bin (storage) does not appear to be refrigerated and, thus, the ice continues to melt and must be replenished - a bit more wasteful than I expected. Also, the pump model (when not using the gravity feed) is definitely noisy - though it's only noisy when it has to pump out the melted ice or the flushed water when making ice. If the door stays closed, the ice doesn't melt as fast, but it still melts.
Aaron Roberts
from Palm Springs, CA

It is working wonderfully and was a breeze to install. Someone commented about the noise, well it is a bit nosier than my old ice maker, but it is dropping 24 cubes instead of 12. Otherwise great product at a great price. Will buy again from
Paul Lucas

Noisier than my old Scotsman.
mike rivers

A little noisy when it makes ice and dumps ice.
Lisa Meyer

The new ice machine is working very well. We are happy with it. It is our 2nd Scotsman ice machine.
Larry Jackson

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