Product Reviews for Scotsman Undercounter Ice Machine CU50GA-1A

We replaced a Danby icemaker that was a problem from the start (Danby did give us excellent service though). Danby's icemaker was excessively loud (probably because of the pump).
The Good
Excellent product, makes a lot of ice quickly, quiet operation. We like theshape of the ice cubes.
The Bad
when the ice tray empties, it can be quite loud. Can not remove the ice storage bin.
Dan Makinster
from California

Prefer ice cubes to be smaller. But size is OK.
The Good
Makes nice ice, clear and good shape. Is not as loud as expected. Very acceptable sound level.
The Bad
Have not noted anything particularly bad. Would like drain to be more versatile in discharge position. Replaced a GE unit that drained in center. This unit drain is slightly off-center and not easy to connect to existing.
Russell Ferlita
from Tampa, FL

The Good
Ordered online and got the machine a week later. I replaced a DCE33. This unit produces 3x as much ice and the bin was full in 12 hours. Great price.
The Bad
Installing the drain line is difficult when the unit is installed in a cabinet. The access panels on the front and back are too small, making it very difficult to reach through and insert the line into the drain.
John Holsonback
from Tampa Florida

We replaced a Scotsman Model DCE33 with the Model CU50GA-1A. The new ice machine is working perfect. It produces a lot more ice and we are very happy with it. It is a great value for the money. The unit was delivered as agreed and we recommend Bill Pingree 01/01/2014
William Pingree
from Cave Creek, Arizona

We replaced a Scotsman Model DCE33 with the Model CU50. The new ice machine is working perfect. We are happy with it. This is a great value for the money.
William Pingree
from Bill Pingree

The Good
We use this in an office of 12 people and always have plenty of ice available. Be sure to order the model with the drain pump for indoor installation. I ordered this one by mistake and the installer had to retrofit the pump from our old machine into this one, but it's doable and works great.
The Bad
We had the same model for 7 years before the the motor stopped working. Be sure to keep the vented area clean in a high traffic area.
Karen Hulett
from Colorado

I'm a contractor and I install quite a few of these machines each year. I've installed all different brands. I usually let the customer decide which type ice they would like and try to suit their needs. Although a little more pricey than residential machines, I think the CU50 is a good choice for higher usage and more extreme conditions. The time-to-clean light is a good feature and should help prolong the machine's life. Overall satisfied with the CU50.
The Good
I replaced a DCE-33 machine in a very small deck bar room. I like the ease of changing the door swing (much simpler process than the DCE-33 instructions). The quality of the CU50 is much better than the DCE-33. More production per day.
The Bad
On a close-quarters installation, the extended handle bar can present a problem. The DCE-33 had a pull handle partially built-in, at top of door.

This machine replaces the same model that we've had for 23 years. It seems to work very well so far, and the addition of the cleaning light and scoop are improvements.
francesca shultz

It works] very good, easy install, but a very, very, very loud under counter ice maker compared to others we owned in the past.
David Schafer

I would recommend this unit to anyone not putting it in a kitchen.
The Good
Very nice looking and easy to install. We had ice in about 15 minutes.
The Bad
WOW is this loud when dumping ice. Should go in a garage. My last ice maker was nowhere near this loud. We are only going to turn it on when we need ice.
David Schafer

This is our 2nd Scotsman Ice Machine and we love it. The best ice in the industry. Keep up the great work.
Dennis Treutlein

The new ice machines works great. Replaced older GE with smaller cubes which wasted water since they melted very quickly. I love the larger cubes and it saves a lot of energy. Price was over $500 cheaper and delivered to my door! I highly recommend for home use and highly recommend
Robert Bovender

This is the finest ice machine I have ever owned. The large clear cubes are what sets it apart from the other models. I have owned two other models that make the small square cubes and this one is much nicer. I would highly recommend it.
John Robinson

The new ice machine is working very well. We are happy with it. It is our 2nd Scottsman ice machine.
Larry Jackson

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