Product Reviews for Manitowoc Undercounter Ice Machine SM50A

Excellent experience in all ways
Mike Shott

The Good
When it makes ice and doesn't leak, the ice is great. Convenient to have at hand in the kitchen.
The Bad
Oh my...where do I even start? I guess at delivery. The first machine had a crushed-in top. Had to wait two weeks to get a second one. On start up, it was DOA. Two weeks to get a service tech who found a not hooked up wiring harness. Since then, I've had water leaks out the wazoo, bought a new $225 water pump (after 3 1/2 years), it regularly fails to enter the "harvest" cycle (must be turned off to make it start making ice and then for only a few cycles). Did I mention the $50 cost of the water filters? If you value quiet in the kitchen, buy something else. It is loud. No other way to describe it. The promise of 53 lbs of ice a day is a pipe dream. 10-12 lbs is more like it. Mine is installed in near ideal conditions with cold water being supplied. I am VERY disappointed with this near 2000 dollar purchase. It certainly hasn't performed up to the quality of the Manitowoc name. Oh, and I live within 15 miles of the Manitowoc plant. Think I can get some help with this? Nooooooo....
Warren Peck

If you install a drain pump, the instructions say to connect wires 41 and 42 together (but they are not identified on the drawing) in addition to plugging into the wiring harness. For no apparent reason, there are two yellow wires coming out of the pump. These are wires 41 and 42. They could have just connected them at the factory and left inside the cover. Makes you scratch your head.
The Good
We use an awful lot of ice and this puppy keeps up with us. It does have a constant hum but you don't really notice it unless you are trying to. It makes ice so fast that it shuts off, so no noise at all during that period. And if it bothers you, you can put it on delay mode.
The Bad
Machine is great. Instructions say to sanitize as part of start-up and specifies the sanitizer, which of course you don't have. Would be nice if they included a small bottle so you could sanitize once until you got more. Also requires a 1/4" compression coupling for water supply. Not included either so you have to run to the hardware store. Just more of an inconvenience than anything.
Gary Davis
from Florida

The SM50 makes very good ice, clean and fresh. I'm not really keen on the octagon cubes. The machine makes normal ice machine noise and is not any louder than another model that I had. My only problem was the drain hose is for an open drain and I had to have a plumber change it to attach to our residential drain.
jan cassen

The only thing that is problematic is they are pretty darn loud!!! Wish they were less noisy.
Karen Keller

It works great! The price was right and size was perfect for our business situation.
Delyce Maciel

Very nice. Makes nice, clear cubes. Took a little bit of adjusting to get the right cube thickness, but it's working fine now.
Timothy Ngau

Works great even in the 90 degree heat in our new outside kitchen.
Jack Wittmann

The ice production of the unit if fine, but it is VERY NOISY. I have a 6,000 square foot home and when the unit is running, I can hear it throughout the house. I can have the fridge, separate freezer and dishwasher all running in the kitchen at the same time and the ice maker drowns them all out. I called Manitowoc and asked if there was any way found to quiet the unit and got a sorry Charlie, you bought a commercial unit and that's the breaks. Even though on their advertising it says quiet enough for your home or a conference room. I know it has the delay switch, but it is hard to find time to run it when it won't disturb someone in our home.
Dale Benoit

It is working OK. It does not make the amount of ice per day as advertised. It is to noisy for a kitchen so we had to move it to the laundry room.
Ty Scott

Working well, wish the cubes were smaller.
Patricia Cassidy

I didn't realize that it was going to purge the water every time it began a new cycle. This is a considerable amount of water to be wasting. I don't think I would have purchased it if I would have known.
Roseann Young

Working great, easy to install, problem free.
carol beltran

The unit is working very well. Customers very happy, as am I!!
Eric Miles

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