Product Reviews for Beverage-Air Direct Draw Systems: Kegerator BM23HC-B-28

This thing is GREAT! Industrial! I am on my second one. The first stayed with my previous house when I sold it, it was part of the sale agreement! The big wheels are great for taking it outside for lawn parties. I love keg beer, and this unit works as advertised. The fan does run constantly to cool the tower, but since mine is in the garage, I don't even notice the low hum. My brother-in-law bought his at the same time I bought my first one. After 11 years, his is still putting out good, cold beer.
Joseph Kavale

Love it. It works great and the only bad thing I heard was others said it was loud, but I have no problem with that. Wish I would have bought it sooner.
Robert Heilig

AWESOME!!!! What else can I cold beer, perfect head of foam (3/4"-1"). Couldn't ask for a better product. Don't waste your money on cheaper units that have to be retrofitted in order to reduce foam and keep tower cold, this one does it all. was easy to work with. Unit arrived as promised, and when promised.
Pat Elder

BM23 kegerator is working just fine. A little loud when compressor comes on, other than that it's great.
Alan Luther

Kegerator is working fantastic!!! No foam issues and beer is always cold!
Jane Gruschow

Loud compressor.
Stephen Dudley

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