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Waring Toasters (4 products) Toasters

Toasters for Restaurants by Short Order

Short Order carries 120 volt and 208 volt pop up toasters by Waring and Star/Holman. These stainless steel restaurant toasters come in 2 slice and 4 slice models and will fulfill most restaurant toaster needs. Trust Short Order for all your restaurant equipment needs.
Waring Blenders (21 products) Blenders

Commercial Blenders

When it comes to commercial blenders, ShortOrder sells only the finest models. That’s why we’re proud to sell brands like Waring and Hamilton Beach. These two brands are universally recognized as the top options among all of the competitors in the market. All of their products are durable, easy to use, and varied depending on the desired use. With over 20 varieties, we have blenders for any conceivable purpose. From economy blenders to heavy-duty blenders, we have models to satisfy all needs, including your price range!

Daiquiris, margaritas, piña coladas and other cold blended drinks are essential to the success of any bar, and the drinks are only as good as they blender in which they are made. If you’re making more simple drinks and not many of them, our one-speed blenders are the perfect combination of sleek design and simple accessibility. If blended drinks are a continuous staple at your establishment, our multi-speed blenders will keep up with whatever you throw into them. At ShortOrder, our main goal is to help meet your restaurant and commercial kitchen equipment needs, freight free. Shop our fantastic selection of commercial blenders.

Waring Sandwich Grills (21 products) Sandwich Grills

Sandwich Grills and Sandwich Toasters

Sandwich grills, also known as sandwich toasters, often seen in delis and lunch eateries, are essential for quickly delivering toasted sandwiches - with cheese melted inside them to perfection - to hungry customers. Most sandwich grills or sandwich toasters include a pressure element - a hinged lid with an embedded heat element that swings down on the food - to compress sandwiches and ensure that the bread and contents are evenly browned. Our favorite brand-name sandwich grills and sandwich toasters include: Star/Holman sandwich grills, Lang sandwich toasters, and Cadco sandwich toasters. Trust Short Order for all your restaurant equipment needs.
Waring Food Processors (2 products) Food Processors

Commercial Food Processors

At Short Order, you'll find a wide selection of commercial food processors and restaurant equipment.
Waring Commercial Toasters (3 products) Commercial Toasters

Commercial Toasters

For commercial toasters and other restaurant equipment, trust ShortOrder.com.

Waring Pop-Up Toasters

Waring pop-up toasters are among many outstanding products manufactured by Waring. Don't miss commercial kitchen equipment from Waring like commercial blenders, food processors, and more.