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Vulcan has been a leading provider of kitchen solutions because of the various high-quality products they have to offer. Their experts have created revolutionary solutions that have helped many different kitchens around the world get to the next level.  Whether that be their fryers, ranges, ovens, griddles, char-broilers, hot plates, and many others.  Vulcan restaurant equipment is considered one of the best around; many use them to keep their kitchen running efficiently in many different restaurants today.  Here at, we have all of the items you need to enhance the quality of your kitchen and get your restaurant to being one of the best around.

Vulcan Fryers (13 products) Fryers

Shopping for a Vulcan fryer is a no-brainer. They are easy for any chef to operate and most any restaurant will benefit from a commercial fryer to cook french fries, fish, fried chicken and much more. has many different Vulcan fryers to choose from, in a wide range of sizes and heat options. All have stainless steel pots making the fryers easier to clean.  ShortOrder offers a low price guarantee and free commercial shipping.

Vulcan Ranges (51 products) Ranges

The innovative features that Vulcan ranges offer are ideal for any commercial kitchen. ShortOrder has many different options to choose from whether you are looking for gas or electric ranges. In sizes options ranging from 36" to 60" and oven types including standard, convenction or both, we have what you need at  Commercial ranges make baking, roasting and more easy and quick in any restaurant. Check out Vulcan ranges on and save with free commercial shipping and low price guarantee.

Vulcan Commercial Ovens (26 products) Commercial Ovens

When wanting to prepare delicious, evenly cooked dishes, meats and vegetables the Vulcan convection oven is perfect.  The Vulcan convection oven has excellent performance with gentle air circulation and even heat distribution, these all purpose ovens are a must in any restaurant.  Save on operating costs with Vulcan's energy efficient heat recovery system too!  Shop and save on with our low price guarantee and free commercial shipping.

Vulcan Holding Cabinets (8 products) Holding Cabinets

Vulcan holding cabinets are great for keeping food warm and at safe serving temperatures, ready to go when you need it. They work very well in schools, senior centers and hospitals because of their versatility. ShortOrder carries a large selection of Vulcan holding cabinets in full- or half-height options, all will casters for the most portability. We also have a selection of scratch and dent models at steep discounts. Shop and save with our low price guarantee and free commercial shipping.

Vulcan Commercial Griddles (47 products) Commercial Griddles

Vulcan commercial griddles from give chefs an ideal flat surface for cooking.  Whether cooking up the perfect breakfast in your diner or a hot sandwich in your deli, you'll benefit from a quality griddle. ShortOrder carries many different sizes and and heat options, all with a low price guarantee and free commercial shipping. We also have a small selection of scratch and dent offerings that are available at an incredible discount. 

Vulcan Char Broilers (17 products) Char Broilers

Vulcan charbroilers are great for cooking beef, chicken or fish, like an outdoor grill, but indoors!  What is nice about using a charbroiler in your commercial kitchen, is that it gives your dishes an awesome grill taste without having to set up a grill outside.  ShortOrder carries a wide variety of charbroilers, with a selection of size options ranging from 24" to 72" and gas choices of natural gas or LP. You will be sure to find the right appliance for your kitchen at ShortOrder.  We always offer free commercial shipping and stand by our low price guarantee.

Vulcan Hot Plates (16 products) Hot Plates

Vulcan hot plates pack some serious heat in a small appliance. There are several to choose from on, whether you need two burners or eight burners, we have them!  Heavy-duty Vulcan hot plates deliver great heat powered by natural or propane gas.  The commercial hot plates at are reliable and easy to maintain. ShortOrder is proud to offer free commercial shipping and low price guarantee on all restaurant equipment.

Vulcan Commercial Steamers (9 products) Commercial Steamers

Most restaurants need a convection steamer in the kitchen.  Vulcan steamers prepare food quickly and cook evenly while still preserving nutrients and flavors in the food. Check out our Vulcan commercial steamers at and save with our low price guarantee and free commercial shipping.

Vulcan Cheese Melters (14 products) Cheese Melters

Vulcan cheese melters are a great addition to any commercial kitchen. offers Vulcan cheese melters in many different sizes, in gas or electric options.  The infrared burners are sure to melt cheese perfectly for your deli, cafeteria or restaurant.  Shop on and save with free commercial shipping and low price guarantee.

Vulcan Salamanders (1 product) Salamanders

Here at, we only offer the best brands that all restaurants can depend on every single day.  With reliable options from Wolf and Garland, you can find a perfect choice based on your precise needs.  It can be used several different ways and can put the finishing touches on the perfect dish.  However you use it, is ultimately up to you, but we promise it will deliver the quality you’re paying for.  Our kitchen salamanders can help speed up the process in your kitchen. Your employees will stay on top of food times and won’t get caught behind.  Our choices will allow them to cook meats perfectly, it is also perfect for creating the perfect crisp on different kinds of fish without burning it.  The amount of quality uses for this product is endless, you can truly create a new level of quality with your foods by using this in your restaurant kitchen.  Every chef will appreciate having one available to them.

We can meet the needs of any budget and still provide a high-quality products.  You won’t find a better value anywhere else. If you have any questions, feel free to consult one of our experts, and they will be happy to help you.

Vulcan Commercial Warming Drawers (5 products) Commercial Warming Drawers

Keep your perfect casserole warm until ready to serve with a Vulcan warmer! Using a freestanding drawer warmer in your cafeteria or restaurant, you can keep rolls in one drawer and vegetables or meats in the other until ready to serve. The superior temperature control of a Vulcan warmer will keep all your dishes warm. Vulcan warmers come in different drawer capacities at, all with free commercial shipping and are backed by our low price guarantee.

Vulcan Braising Pans (6 products) Braising Pans

Vulcan offers gas or electric braising pans at  They have high sides to retain ingredients and make it is easy to brown and sear meat and sauces without making a mess!  Vulcan has several options to choose from, whether you need gas or electric, or power- or manual-tilt, we have it here at ShortOrder.  Save money with free commercial shipping and low price guarantee at

Vulcan Cooking Equipment

No matter what type of restaurant you’re running, we can provide you with top-notch materials to produce even better food.  We can help expand and improve your menu by offering you some of the best materials to use in your kitchen.  Your employees will feel more confident and under control while using any of our various Vulcan restaurant equipment.  With our ranges, you can easily control the heat and get the exact temperature you need for anything you need to cook.  The fryers are perfect for cooking French fries, chicken, fish and much more.  They’re easy to use and even easier to clean, saving you time and energy in the kitchen.  We have a great variety of products that are available in all types of sizes and styles. With our low price guarantee, you can get any of them for the best price available.  You won’t have any issues finding the perfect item for your kitchen, no matter how much space you have.

Vulcan has a strong reputation in the industry and has been creating quality products for over 150 years.  Their products are made with the strongest, quality materials that will help you achieve the success you’ve always dreamed of.  If you need help deciding everything your kitchen needs, we can assist you.  Thanks for checking out our wide selection of Vulcan restaurant equipment!