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Turbo Air Refrigeration is one of the many brands in the Turbo Air Group. is proud to offer Turbo Air refrigeration products, along with German Knife and Radiance equipment also available from Turbo Air Group on ShortOrder. For years, Turbo Air has been focused on designing durable, reliable and energy efficient products all while providing superior service. offers free commercial shipping on all Turbo Air refrigeration and foodservice equipment, and because we want you to get a quality product at a great price, we also offer a Low Price Guarantee.

Turbo Air Reach In Refrigeration

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A kitchen in any foodservice business is not complete without reliable refrigeration storage so you can refrigerate or freeze products until use. From baked goods to veggies and sauces, Turbo Air offers several different models that are perfect for holding a variety of foods, and has a plenty of Turbo Air reach-in refrigerators and freezers that will fit your kitchen needs. One or two-section units with glass or solid doors in half or full sizes are available, and you also get to choose between left and right hinge placement. The compressor refrigeration placement is essential to keeping the reach-in cool and operational, so keep that in mind when selecting top or bottom location. is pleased to offer a wide selection of Turbo Air refrigeration reach-ins that ship free to a commercial address. We want to offer the best deal which is why we have a Low Price Guarantee on all equipment, so take a look at the Turbo Air reach-in freezers and refrigerators when making your next purchase and save!

Turbo Air Direct Draw Systems: Kegerators

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Kegerators, also known as draft beer dispensers or direct draw systems, are essential in restaurants and bars that serve draft beer. Combining refrigeration with direct draw systems, kegerators play a key role in keeping kegs of draft beer chilled and readily accessible. Stable coldness contributes to maintaining the taste and quality of beer while in the keg.

Short Order offers many different options for kegerators including your choice of the number of faucets, the number of kegs the kegerator can hold, and a variety of finishes. When buying a direct draw system, you should determine the size and number of faucets that will best meet your needs. Small draft beer dispensers, which may be more suited to smaller restaurants, will hold 1 keg of beer. If you are a typical restaurant or bar, an average-sized kegerator that holds 2-3 kegs with 1-2 faucets of beer is ideal. Restaurants and bars that expect full use from the kegerator should consider a heavy usage one. These direct draw systems typically hold 4-5 kegs, have 2 faucets, and have faster recovery refrigeration systems.

Lighter-duty kegerators are also a great addition to a home. The days of rented trash cans and bags of ice are over when you purchase a kegerator. The convenient dispenser and refrigeration makes storing kegs in the house an effortless experience. They are perfect for at-home entertaining or buying beer in bulk.

With kegerator brands like Beverage Air, Glastender, True, and Turbo Air, Short Order recognizes quality, but also knows the importance of value when buying bar equipment. That’s why our Low Price Guarantee backs all kegerators and direct draw system prices. The Low Price Guarantee promises to refund 110% of the price difference if you find the same item for less at another vendor, ensuring that we offer the best price available on all our commercial restaurant and bar equipment. Plus, regardless of price, all restaurant and bar equipment has free freight at

Shop our selection of kegerators and more to upgrade your bar today!

Turbo Air Undercounter Refrigeration

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Undercounter Refrigerators and Freezers

Turbo Air undercounter refrigerators and freezers are perfect for busy kitchens that need more storage for chilled or frozen food items but are limited on space. These space-saving Turbo Air undercounter refrigeration units can easily fit under a counter in your restaurant bar or café where you will have quick and easy access to cold products. With different sizes available, ranging from 27” to 72” in width, and different door or drawer options, you can be sure to choose the right storage space that will work for you. Shop the Turbo Air undercounter refrigerators and freezers section at, where we offer free shipping to a commercial address and a Low Price Guarantee.

Turbo Air Back Bar Storage

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Keep your beer kegs or canned and bottled beverages chilled and ready to serve with a Turbo Air back bar storage cooler. Turbo Air offers a variety of back bar storage coolers that are perfect for any bar, including sizes between 24" and 90" and your choice between solid or glass doors. These coolers come standard with adjustable coated wire shelves so you can organize drinks perfectly, or the shelves can be removed to store kegs of ice cold beer. If you’re looking for more refrigeration storage to keep kegs cold, or you simply want to provide more quick and easy access to canned and bottled beverages to serve bar patrons, then check out the Turbo Air back bar storage section at While you browse, remember we offer free shipping to a commercial address on Turbo Air equipment, and we also offer a Low Price Guarantee.

Turbo Air Ranges

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Commercial Ranges

Ranges are a staple for restaurants and food service facilities the world over. Combining an oven component with a griddle or burner top, ranges can sauté, flambé, fry, bake, brown, broast, or melt your food at precisely the right temperature with ease. Whether your restaurant specializes in made-to-order meals or quick-service quality, a range helps you serve better food to your customers more efficiently.

Both heavy duty ranges and restaurant ranges have many different range top configurations, sizes, and oven types. When selecting commercial range tops, start by selecting which kind of connection you need, gas or electric. Then choose between open burners, a griddle, or a combination of both; measure your kitchen space to determine the range size you need; and decide what kind of range oven size and type would best fit your restaurant’s needs. After you find a range price that’s right for your budget, you’re all set.

With restaurant range brands like Garland, Vulcan, Turbo Air, and Wolf, ShortOrder knows quality, but also understands that value plays a big role in deciding which range to buy. Restaurant range cost at ShortOrder is backed by our Low Price Guarantee. When it comes to restaurant ranges, the Low Price Guarantee ensures that all our commercial kitchen equipment is offered at the best price available. In fact, if you find the same range at a lower advertised price, we will give you 110% of the difference. Plus, our free shipping makes it even easier to find a range at an ideal price.

Read our commercial restaurant range buying guide for more information, and shop for the best selection of ranges from today.

Turbo Air Deep Well Bottle Coolers

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Looking for a new addition to your busy bar or restaurant that will keep bottled beer, water and other beverages chilled and ready to serve to customers? A Turbo Air deep well bottle cooler may be a perfect fit for your needs, and has a variety to choose from. Sliding doors located on top of the cooler cabinets provide quick and easy access to ice cold refreshing beverages, and a durable built-in bottle cap opener and catcher makes bottle opening and serving a breeze. Turbo Air deep well bottle coolers come in one, two, or three section cabinets and you can choose between black wear-resistant vinyl or a stainless steel exterior.  With several models to choose from and our Low Price Guarantee, you’ll be sure to find a Turbo Air deep well cooler perfect for your busy bar or café. ShortOrder is also pleased to offer free shipping to a commercial address on Turbo Air refrigeration equipment. Shop with confidence at, where you will always get a great deal at an unbeatable price!

Turbo Air Standard Top Sandwich Prep Refrigeration

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Turbo Air standard top sandwich prep refrigeration tables are a great addition to any restaurant kitchen, deli, or just about anywhere you need to keep ingredients cold and ready to make delicious salads and sandwiches. Most of the standard top sandwich prep refrigeration tables are equipped with a cutting board side rail to prepare tasty sandwiches and salads, and ingredients are just within reach from the pans that sit within a cold compartment, which maintains even temperatures around the pans to preserve those delicious meats, veggies and sauces. Extra ingredients can also be stored below the prep area within the unit, so you can be sure you have enough sandwich and salad making supplies on hand during busy operating hours. has a variety of Turbo Air sandwich prep units to choose from, and we offer free shipping to a commercial address with a Low Price Guarantee. With sizes varying between 27" and 72" and different door and drawer configurations, you’ll be able to find a Turbo Air standard top sandwich prep refrigeration table that will work for your business.


Turbo Air Mega Top Sandwich Prep Refrigeration

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Sandwich Prep Tables and Sandwich Prep Stations

Whether you need deli sandwiches or delicious salads, the right prep equipment will help you get the job done. The sandwich prep tables and sandwich prep stations at Short Order are built to give you years of service, providing a stable work surface and keeping sandwich ingredients fresh and cool. Use Short Order’s prep equipment to keep your kitchen running smoothly while delivering the freshest foods to customers every time.

If you’re shopping for sandwich prep refrigeration equipment, you have a variety of options to choose from. At Short Order, we take seriously our responsibility to bring you top-quality equipment, which is why we supply our customers with appliances from leading manufacturers like Beverage-Air, Delfield, Randell, True, and Turbo Air. In addition to the top brands we carry, you can choose the size of your prep equipment, plus the right amount of storage. Just choose the combination of doors and drawers that works best for your kitchen storage needs, plus lengths ranging from 27” all the way to 84”. Before buying sandwich prep refrigeration, measure your kitchen’s space, including doorways, to ensure that you will have enough room for your new equipment. Once your mega top sandwich prep equipment is in place, you’ll find that your food prep is more streamlined, your ingredients stay fresher, and your customers are more satisfied.

Shop for sandwich prep tables and sandwich prep stations from Short Order today to take advantage of our Low Price Guarantee. If you find the same piece of prep equipment elsewhere at a lower price, we will refund you 110% of the difference. Durability, dependability, and savings: that’s what you can expect when you choose your restaurant equipment from Short Order.

Turbo Air Char Broilers

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Looking for a new char broiler to cook delicious meats and veggies on in your busy restaurant kitchen, café or concession stand? At you’ll find a variety of Turbo Air char broilers to choose from with free shipping to a commercial address and a Low Price Guarantee. Turbo Air Radiance char broilers sit on top of counters slightly raised with 2” stainless steel legs, and come in several sizes, ranging from 12” to 48”. These radiance char broilers use heavy duty cast iron radiants and grates to cook food more evenly and give those perfect grill marks, and the removable grease tray makes cleaning easier. With the ability to cook more food while freeing up other cooking surfaces in your busy kitchen and a variety of sizes in LP or Natural Gas, you’ll find the perfect char broiler for your food service business. Shop the Turbo Air Radiance char broiler section today at and save!

Turbo Air Glass Chillers

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Glass Chillers

Find glass chillers and more restaurant equipment at

Turbo Air Griddles

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Commercial Griddles

Whether your restaurant specializes in making the perfect breakfast or just a mean hot sandwich, commercial griddles are essential kitchen appliances to have in a restaurant. A griddle is an appliance that has a flat cooking surface with its own heat source underneath. For a commercial kitchen, the most common griddles used are ones built into a range or standalone electric griddles.

At Short Order we supply our customers with many different griddle options to choose from. The two deciding factors in the decision-making process are usually the size and heat source. We carry commercial griddles that range from 12” all the way to 72” so that restaurants can get the one that fits best into their current kitchen spaces. Additionally, we have varying heat options that you can choose from: natural gas, propane, and electric.

We are extremely confident you will find a griddle that meshes perfectly with your restaurant, and that you’ll have customers coming back for more once they’ve tried the food cooked on our products.

Turbo Air Display Refrigeration

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Display Refrigerators

Did you know that the right display refrigeration can actually help move your products more efficiently? Display refrigeration puts your products right where customers can see them, proving the quality of your products while simultaneously harnessing the power of the impulse buy. Whether you are showing off bakery items, cheeses, meats, seafood, cold sandwiches, or drinks, Short Order’s display refrigeration options give you the ability to your foods fresh and visible to customers, plus incredible savings with our Low Price Guarantee.

To choose a display type, consider the space in which you’re placing your display, as well as the type of storage or refrigeration you need. Display refrigeration actually includes more than just refrigerators. There are also display freezers and non-refrigerated displays. A one-door or two-door upright display is great for any area, but may be especially useful for corners that need extra refrigeration space. If you want a grab-and-go kind of case, consider an open-air self-serve display. For eye-level, reach-in display refrigeration, think about getting a countertop merchandiser. A curved glass merchandiser displays offer easy display options for multiple shelves that can showcase ready-to-eat products like deli meats or baked goods. Have specific dimensions that you need your display to fit in? Choose from a variety of widths, door types, and display type options. Display widths can range from 18” to well over 73”, with door types that include hinged doors, sliding doors, and doorless displays. To complete your display refrigeration selection, choose from the industry-leading restaurant equipment brands that Short Order carries, including Beverage-Air, Randell, Traulsen, True, and Turbo Air.

With's wide selection, you're sure to find display refrigerators that are just right for your restaurant. Shop with us today and find out why our Low Price Guarantee makes our equipment the best anywhere.

Turbo Air Worktop Refrigeration

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Worktop Refrigerators and Freezers

Worktop refrigerators and freezers are a must in any restaurant, bar or café when you need more refrigeration storage space, as well as worktop space to prepare foods. offers a variety of Turbo Air worktop refrigerators and freezers that are perfect for any foodservice establishment, and with our Low Price Guarantee you know you are getting a great deal. Turbo Air worktop refrigeration units are manufactured with doors, drawers or both so you can be sure you find the best fit for your busy kitchen. is proud to offer free shipping to a commercial address on all Turbo Air worktop refrigerators and freezers. Shop our selection today!

Turbo Air Pizza Prep Tables and Stations

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Pizza Prep Tables and Pizza Prep stations

Essential for any restaurant that makes a large quantity of pizza, our commercial pizza prep table selection offers both quality and variety. Depending on the degree of your pizza operation, ShortOrder has a pizza prep table for every pizza-making joint. With a wide variety of pan capacities, there are options for restaurants that keep it simple and options for pizza places that offer just about every topping you can think of. If you’re using the table for small side-pizzas, you probably want to opt for a model with a smaller capacity. Conversely, if you’re making extra-larges pies, we offer massive stations with lots of storage and will hold a ton of pans as well. In addition, if you’re looking for a convenient way to keep your dough fresh and keep your back-ups close at hand, they come with built-in refrigeration underneath.

The pizza prep tables and stations at ShortOrder are selected to offer you the most value for your dollar. That’s why we work to bring you industry-leading, name-brand commercial pizza prep tables and stations. Our quality brands include: Beverage-Air, Randell, Turbo Air, Delfield, Traulsen, and True pizza prep tables. Plus, when you shop at ShortOrder, you also receive our Low Price Guarantee. Shop ShortOrder today for all your commercial kitchen equipment needs.

Turbo Air Hot Plates

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Commercial Hot Plates

For commercial hot plates and more restaurant equipment, trust

Turbo Air Stock Pot Ranges

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Turbo Air stock pot ranges are just the right size for preparing stocks, soups, sauces and other savory dishes on in any small kitchen where space is limited. Whether you are looking for a one or two-burner stock pot range furnished with legs, or maybe you prefer a little storage base underneath, offers several Radiance Turbo Air stock pot ranges for you to choose from for your busy restaurant kitchen. ShortOrder wants you to get the best deal, which is why we offer free shipping to a commercial address and a Low Price Guarantee.

Turbo Air Chef Base Refrigeration

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Turbo Air chef base refrigerators keep all of your ingredients and food prep supplies chilled in one convenient location, and are an essential piece of equipment for any commercial restaurant kitchen. At we offer several Turbo Air chef base refrigerators to choose from, and to help you save, we ship free to a commercial address. These cabinet base refrigerators are versatile in that you can use the top as an equipment stand or it can be tucked away under a cabinet or table if space is needed for additional equipment. Choose between 2-drawer or 4-drawer bases ranging in sizes from 36” to 96”. At ShortOrder we want you to get the right piece of equipment for your foodeservice business at a great price which is why we offer a Low Price Guarantee. Shop and save on Turbo Air chef base refrigerators at

Turbo Air Ice Cream Dipping Cabinets

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Turbo Air Refrigeration and Foodservice Equipment

Since it first opened in 1997, Turbo Air has been striving to produce reliable and environmental friendly commercial products for anyone in the foodservice business. With a vast product line that is constructed with the best available materials for strength and durability and designed with a purpose, Turbo Air simply wants to offer efficient, dependable foodservice equipment that is easy to use.

Turbo Air Group includes brands such as Turbo Air Refrigeration, German Knife and Radiance, which produce a wide range of refrigeration and foodservice equipment products. From ice cream dipping cabinets to draft beer kegerators, and from griddles to ranges, offers a variety of these products to choose from. Whether you’re in the market for cooking or refrigeration equipment, Turbo Air will have what you are looking for.

At ShortOrder, we want you to get affordable and dependable equipment at a great price, so we offer free shipping to a commercial address and a Low Price Guarantee.