True Overall Customer Rating: offers you only the best in kitchen merchandise manufacturers, and that’s why we’re proud that True refrigerators are among our products. A front-runner in the refrigeration industry since 1945, these products can increase productivity no matter what sized kitchen you have, or what models you specifically need. 

We understand that quality production stems from quality kitchen merchandise, and that’s why we offer our best price guarantee, so you can have the products you trust at the best possible price. We also have free shipping on all equipment shipped to a commercial address. 

True Reach In Refrigeration

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Reach In Refrigerators and Freezers

ShortOrder offers different True refrigeration options such as: sizes, door styles and even refrigeration mounting location.  When choosing the door style options, models range from full or half doors in either solid or glass, and pass-through door options are available as well.  For the compressor location, either top or bottom mounted, there are pros and cons to both so it is important to choose what is best for you.  ShortOrder is proud to offer a wide selection of True reach-in refrigerators and freezers with a Low Price Guarantee that ensures buyers get the best restaurant equipment at the lowest prices available anywhere.

The Low Price Guarantee on commercial restaurant equipment ensures you’re getting the best value.

Shop our selection of reach-in refrigerators to upgrade your restaurant today!


True Direct Draw Systems: Kegerators

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With a True direct draw system or also known as a Kegerator; fresh beer from the tap is refreshing!  Combining refrigeration with direct draw systems, kegerators play a role in keeping kegs chilled and ready to serve. brings you plenty of options to choose from.

ShortOrder offers different options such as: keg capacity and exterior finishes.  When choosing the keg size options also look at how many faucets you will need too! offers black vinyl or stainless steel exterior.   ShortOrder is proud to offer a wide selection of beer dispensers with a Low Price Guarantee that ensures buyers get the best restaurant equipment at the lowest prices available anywhere.

The Low Price Guarantee on commercial restaurant equipment ensures you’re getting the best value.

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True Undercounter Refrigeration

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Undercounter Refrigerators and Freezers

At a busy restaurant or bar, easy access is crucial to serve customers quickly.  Whether you want doors or drawers, True has plenty of options.  The True undercounter refrigerators and freezers have different sizes so that you will be sure to find the one best for you. offers a low price guarantee plus free commercial shipping with your order.

True Back Bar Storage

Imageviewer.aspx View Products offers a great selection on True back bar coolers.  Keep your beer and wine easy to see with a glass door bar cabinet or if you prefer to have the solid black look we have those too!  The True bar storage units come in two section or three section coolers. is proud to offer free shipping and a low price guarantee on all True back bar coolers.

True Deep Well Bottle Coolers

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At ShortOrder we have a large selection of deep well bottle coolers that vary in size and color so you can find the cooler that meshes best with your bar or restaurant.  True offers many sizes and exterior finishes on your deep well coolers. has a low price guarantee and free commercial shipping; which makes it easy to place your order with ShortOrder.

True Standard Top Sandwich Prep Refrigeration

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The standard top sandwich prep station is so helpful in any restaurant, cafe or cafeteria.  These tables are so conveinant in keeping all your condiments close by and easy to serve.  The options that True offers on the refrigerated tables range from one door to even six drawers and can be found at  ShortOrder also offers free commercial shipping and a low price guarantee.

True Mega Top Sandwich Prep Refrigeration

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Whether you need deli sandwichs or delicious salads, the right prep equipment will help you get the job done.  The True mega top prep stations are built to give you years of service while providing a stable work surface and keeping sandwich ingredients fresh and cool. has a low price guarantee and free commercial shipping which makes it easy to place your order.

True Glass Chillers

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If your bar or restaurant serves ice cold drinks; you will definitely want to view the True glass chillers to keep everything super cold.  True offers a selection of glass chillers as a one or two section cooler along with different exterior finishes.  Buy glass chillers at ShortOrder and enjoy the free commercial shipping and low price guarantee.

True Display Refrigeration

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Did you know that the right display refrigeration can actually help move your products more efficiently? Display refrigeration puts your products right where customers can see them, proving the quality of your products while simultaneously harnessing the power of the impulse buy. Whether you are showing off bakery items, cheeses, meats, seafood, cold sandwiches, or drinks, with's wide selection, you're sure to find a True display refrigerator that is just right for your restaurant. Shop with us today and find out why our Low Price Guarantee makes our equipment the best anywhere. 

True Worktop Refrigerators

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Worktop Refrigerators and Freezers

The True worktop refrigerators and freezers are great for small kitchens in any restaurant.  The top offers work space as well as the refrigerated underneath to store condiments and food when limited on space.  True offers refrigerators and freezers in a one door to six drawer unit.  Come to ShortOrder to shop and save with free commercial shipping and a low price guarantee.

True Pizza Prep Tables and Stations

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When making a choice on your pizza prep table keep in mind how many pizza toppings you might be using and how much space you have.  With that said, True has several to choose from here at  ShortOrder has a low price guarantee and free commercial shipping, so make sure to Browse our True selection of pizza prep tables and stations.

True Chef Base Refrigeration

Imageviewer.aspx View Products provides plenty of different True chef base refrigerators to choose from.  The chef base equipment comes in handy when your chef's need all of their ingredients right there ready to go.  The True chef base refrigerators have two or four drawer units to choose from.  Keep in mind, offers our low price guarantee along with free commercial shipping.

True Milk Coolers

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Looking to store your milk cartons in the perfect location; consider a True milk cooler.  These coolers have plenty of space for storing your milk for a restaurant and school, and with it's mobility it is easy to serve.  Also, ShortOrder offers a best price guarantee and free commercial shipping.

True Ice Cream Dipping Cabinets

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An essential to any ice cream shop or restaurant is having the perfect dipping freezer.  True offers many different size ice cream dipping cabinets that can hold three to sixteen tubs, depending on the model.  The cabinet is ideal for storing and dipping up the perfect ice cream cone ever!  ShortOrder offers free commercial shipping with a low price guarantee.

True Ice Cream Freezers and Spot Freezers

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Ice cream freezers are ideal for keeping ice cream, popsicles and any cold snack frozen to fit your needs.  The True ice cream freezers and spot freezers come in many different sizes from 4.5 to 27.9 cu. ft., so there is plenty of space to store your treats!  Keep ShortOrder in mind when placing your order as we have a low price guarantee with free commercial shipping.

Top Products

Our wide selection of True refrigerator products includes reach in and under counter systems, kegerators, back bar and deep well coolers, sandwich and pizza prep, display cases, glass chillers, worktop and chef base models, as well as milk coolers, ice cream dipping cabinets, and freezers. Our ice cream systems include free-standing spot freezers with sliding lids, or stainless steel canopies and magnetic freeze guards, as wells as five different dipping cabinets that can hold up to sixteen buckets. also offers sturdy milk coolers to keep your milk at the ideal serving temperature in your restaurant or cafeteria. For busy kitchens, add a little workspace with the worktop or chef base systems that keep ingredients close at hand and at the perfect temperature for prep, service, or serving. With a wide range of sizes and section options, you can choose from twenty-nine worktop models to add functionality and efficiency to your kitchen.

For your sandwich or pizza prep, look no further than True refrigerator systems that come with a variety of options. For pizza prep, choose up to six chilled drawers and two doors or a slick combination of both. Sandwiches are made easy with up to seventy-two inches of chilled workspace with up to three doors for plenty of storage.

Make your bar the place to be with a combination of one- or two-section glass chillers, high-efficiency deep well bottle coolers, any of our twenty-two back bar storage options, or a direct draw kegerator. You can also streamline your cooling and pick either glass or stainless steel doors in either full or half height with our reach in systems, or tuck an under counter model in a compact space and enjoy more chilled storage from True.