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When looking at the components of a successful restaurant, there is a multitude of smaller elements. While one element may seem smaller in nature, it is no less essential to the overall operation of your business. A prime example of this principle of everything working together as a whole can be seen in water dispensers. A company dedicated to creating this piece, T & S Brass, started out creating just this one small element and has used it to expand into new areas of manufacturing. Starting in 1947, T&S Brass restaurant equipment was first introduced in the form of faucets, fittings, and other related parts regarding sinks. They went on to introduce the first pre-rinse unit which revolutionized the industry. Now a global company with over 200 employees, they routinely create innovative products for the needs of commercial locations. Made with a mix of visual beauty and expected performance attributes, their products offer a range of features that make them worth adding to your business. We are honored to offer this brand for your needs. With our selection of T & S Brass products, discover a faucet option that truly exceeds all expectations. 

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Our selection of T & S appliances is made to impress with several thoughtful features. Designed specifically for use in restaurants, particularly for filling glasses, these faucets are both sleek in appearance, and powerful in performance. These units are easy to install for a quick addition to your drinking water sink. Designed to aid in sanitation elements for a pure drinking experience, designs feature thoughtful components such as an easy to see blue outlet and self-closing lever for the ease of employee use, 8-inch deck pedestals, volume control features to help with water conservation, and more. With the screwdriver adjustable flow outlet and instantaneous shut-off feature, this unit gives you more control over the water flow to find the right fit for your exact needs. These units also feature a push-back actuation arm, pedestal with adjustable deck flange, and more. The construction is built to last for years while looking great with an 18-gauge stainless steel drip pan and polished chrome plated brass body. These materials are expertly crafted with skill to create the perfect solution for your commercial kitchen.

We also offer units which come complete with a drip pan to help keep the area clean and dry. The shape of the faucet itself is designed with care for an easy to use solution. With a long, curved shape, they allow employees to refill water glasses without having to reach awkwardly. The exterior is expertly polished to offer an easy to maintain solution that looks as great as it performs. When looking for a great glass filler faucet at an affordable price, it is hard to beat our selection of T & S Brass equipment.

While sinks are an item which can be placed in various locations within your business, there is a difference between glass filler faucets and your run of the mill handwashing or dishwashing solution. This type of faucet offers quick access to drinking water with a slender shape ideal for being placed at the back of the bar or the drink station. If you haven’t invested in one of these units, you are missing out on an opportunity to ensure sanitary drinking water. The other way these units are different from other faucets on the commercial sink market is the hands-free operation. You don’t have to turn a lever during use or waste time turning it off when you are done using the faucet since the lever is built into the unit for this exact purpose. When looking save your staff some valuable time, there really is no proper substitute for this type of faucet.

Our choices are easy to use, efficient, and will provide something you can really depend on. With an easy to use volume control for water conservation, you can easily get the perfect amount in your glasses without over pouring. When you choose one of the most trusted names in the industry, rest assured products will stand the test of excellence for many years. When it comes to drinking water, you always want to use the best to ensure safety and quality. The T & S Brass equipment offers dependable results when it comes to delivering refreshing, safe water that your customers and employees can enjoy. 

While they are definitely useful, many business owners worry about the price of such a solution. The good news is they are relatively affordable! Our commercial water dispensers are affordable thanks to our low-price guarantee.  If you find a better deal on the market, we will beat it. Save time and money by using any of the commercial water dispensers we have to offer. You will save on your water bills every month because it helps limit water conservation. This is something that will benefit you and everyone else on your team. 

Our staff can help locate the ideal dispenser for your restaurant. Based on the space you have available, and how your restaurant is designed, you may need a certain size to get the best results. With our selection of the best brands in the industry and free commercial shipping, we can bring you the ideal dispenser as soon as possible. Contact our friendly staff and we will find everything you’re looking for. If you have any questions about any of the solutions we proudly offer, please contact us. A member of our staff would be happy to assist you in finding the right choice for your exact needs.