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It is impossible to run a successful ice cream shop without having the proper equipment in place.  You can find everything you need in our selection of Stoelting restaurant equipment.  We have all types of equipment that will help you deliver delicious ice cream to your new customers.  Browse our selection and see how these products could help your business!

Stoelting Commercial Whipped Cream Dispenser (1 product) Commercial Whipped Cream Dispenser

Whether you specialize in pies, or you have the best cup of hot cocoa in town, you can find a use for this product. If you’re already one of the best dessert restaurants, imagine what you can do with fresh whipped cream to top each of your delicious desserts. The commercial whipped cream dispensers save you time, with manual and automatic portion control options, electronic temperature controls, and a removable crème basin for easy cleaning and storage. What could be easier than throwing in the ingredients, pressing a button, and having fresh whip cream for your customers? The Stoelting whipped cream dispensers come in a countertop model, that fits in nicely with your other appliances. With a press of a button, fresh homemade whipped cream is at your fingertips. is proud to offer high-quality and low-price items to help you complete your kitchen. With any purchase from our website, we give you free shipping, as well as the lowest prices available to you. You won’t find a better price or product anywhere else. Go ahead, make an investment in your kitchen. You won’t regret it.

Stoelting Soft Serve Machines (7 products) Soft Serve Machines

We are proud to offer many options for commercial soft serve ice cream machines. Our inventory features Stoleing, a top brand in frozen treat equipment, to ensure you get the most reliable and highest quality commercial soft serve ice cream machines. Stoleing has been revolutionizing the ice cream service industry since they began in 1905. They are a brand based on longevity and reliability. Built to last and withstand the heaviest of customer volumes, these commercial soft serve ice cream machines come in a variety of sizes and models. Whether looking for a smaller unit with one flavor to sit perfectly on a countertop or a free-standing unit with three flavor chambers and electricity proficiency to save on the utilities, we have the ice cream machines you need to entice your customers. With a variety of hopper sizes and cylinders, these machines are powerful and durable. Serve your customers the soft serve they want with a high-quality, long-lasting soft serve ice cream machine from today!

We always put our customers first, and our prices reflect that commitment. One of the only commercial equipment supply companies offering free shipping to a commercial address, we also stand by our Low Price Guarantee. If you find the products we carry at a lower price, we will meet it or beat it. We understand the financial burdens of running a restaurant, and we want to offer you the best deal available. We would be happy to help you get the high-quality commercial grade equipment you need today!

Stoelting Ice Cream Dipping Cabinets (2 products) Ice Cream Dipping Cabinets is happy to offer products from Turbo Air. This company offers eight different models, and two classic colors--fresh white or striking green. Help your guests decide on flavors with up to sixteen buckets for a variety of flavors displayed. With removable frost shields and interior LED lighting, Turbo Air offers highly functional and aesthetic products. 

We’re also happy to count True among our top of the line products. True ice cream dipping cabinets give a sleek and modern touch to cafes, parlors, or restaurants with a clean white vinyl exterior and easy-to-clean stainless steel canopy with built in lights and heat reflective glass as an added protection. True also has models that can hold up to sixteen buckets, our largest offered capacity. also offers two dipping cabinets from excellent quality refrigeration company, Beverage-Air. Choose between eight and twelve buckets held in a crisp pre-painted steel interior. Both sizes feature a white powder coated galvanized metal surface and a Lexan sneeze guard. A fully adjustable thermostat and worry-free condenser guarantees that you’ll never have a melted mess on your hands. You can also try one of our Editor’s Choice models, the Stoelting Ross Ice Cream Dipping Cabinet. Perfect for smaller spaces at just two feet wide and three feet tall, it’s ideal for tucking in a corner or under a counter and still allowing full access to the side-by-side buckets.

At, we want you to have the best equipment, which is why we offer a low price guarantee. We also have free and dependable shipping on all products delivered to a commercial address.

We have all types of equipment that you will need to produce ice cream creations for your customers, including whipped cream dispensers, soft serve machines, ice cream dipping cabinets, and batch freezers.  We have everything you need and in many different sizes and styles.  We understand that your space could be limited, so we can offer smaller sized options that are affordable and just as effective.  If you ever need help, we are always here to help you make the best decision. 

You can trust our cooling systems to come through for you every single time.  They’re made with new technology that ensures they’re consistent, and energy efficient.  Your time needs to be focused on your employees and customers, not worrying about whether or not your ice cream is melting.  This brand is built on longevity, and delivering quality products that customers can appreciate.  We are confident that all Stoelting restaurant equipment comes with a fantastic durability that you will love. 

Our knowledgeable staff can quickly locate the right solutions for your restaurant or ice cream shop business.