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Shelving - (DSS)

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Shelving - (DSS) Dry Storage Shelving Kits

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Dry Storage Shelving Kits

Keeping your kitchen organized and your supplies accessible is the best way to maintain an efficient back-of-house. Dry storage shelving kits can help by holding everything from produce to plates, canned goods to cleaning supplies. Having great storage means everything is within arm’s reach, making kitchen operations quicker and taking inventory easier. Plus, having the right storage helps you adhere to FDA Food Code, which says that all foods much be stored at least 6 inches above the ground. Just choose the size you need and the coating material you prefer. (Hint: If you will be placing your dry storage shelving in a walk-in refrigerator or freezer, opt for epoxy-coated shelves. The coating helps shelves resist corrosion better so they will last longer in a cold, wet environment.)

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DSS Shelving Kits

DSS shelving kits offered at ShortOrder come in different sizes in order to meet your needs as a restaurant owner. DSS shelving kits are perfect for making efficient use of space in a commercial kitchen and staying organized.