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Shelving - (DSS)

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Shelving - (DSS) Restaurant Shelving (12 products) Restaurant Shelving

Whether you prefer a zinc finish, chrome, stainless steel, or epoxy, you can find tons of great choices of these styles in our collection.  We have many great options from some of the best brands that many restaurants depend on. Our options are affordable, easy to transport, lightweight, and the shelves are strong enough to hold an incredible amount of weight.  

Whether you are storing dishes, canned goods, or coffee on the shelves, they are sturdy enough to hold your items without any worry. Also, all of our options adhere to the FDA Food Code, which requires all food to be stored at least 6 inches above the ground. With our storage options, you will have no problem keeping your kitchen up to code.

Our restaurant shelving kits are great options to help you increase storage space in your kitchen. While some kitchens are larger than others, we offer options available in plenty of sizes, so you will always find a shelving unit that fits in your kitchen. Once you figure out the sizes you need, we can provide them to you with our free commercial shipping options.  Whether you love the look of green epoxy, or want the stainless steel finish, any of our choices will look great in your space.  

With many different uses for our restaurant shelving products, you can use it however you would like.  If you need help deciding what would be best for you, let us know!

DSS Shelving Kits

DSS shelving kits offered at ShortOrder come in different sizes in order to meet your needs as a restaurant owner. DSS shelving kits are perfect for making efficient use of space in a commercial kitchen and staying organized.