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One major feature that can be overlooked in a kitchen, is a dependable garbage disposal.  Whether it’s just for one at your house, or you need a heavy duty one for your restaurant, our choices of Salvajor garbage disposals can provide exactly what you’re looking for.  Until 1997, there were some states in the United States that would not allow garbage disposals in fear it could overload the sewer systems.  A lot has changed since then, there are no laws outlawing garbage disposals anymore, and it has become an integral part of many kitchens today.

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There is no question that one of the most helpful kitchen appliances in both a home and restaurant is the garbage disposal. This is because after it has shredded our food waste, the sludge is then sent to our plumbing system, which allows our restaurants and homes to remain clean. Until 1997, there were still some states in the United States that didn’t allow garbage disposals in fear that it would overload the sewer systems. Thankfully, the laws outlawing garbage disposals have been removed, and we are allowed to install them into our houses and restaurants.

Because a garbage disposal is such an integral part of the kitchen, Short Order has made it a priority to make sure that every customer can find a disposal that fits their restaurant’s specific needs. We have a very large selection of garbage disposals that vary in horsepower, electric options, and price. Depending on the size of your restaurant, the amount of needed horsepower, and the type of metal used to construct it, it might vary. So take some time to browse through our large selection, and find the commercial garbage disposal that fits.

All of our Salvajor disposers are dependable, easy to maintain, and our customers absolutely love them.  Our garbage disposals are an important function of many kitchens around the country today.  The disposers increase productivity and efficiency in the kitchen by safely removing and breaking down items in the sink.  With an easy start/stop push button, anybody can operate it easily.  With heat treated aluminum alloy housing, you can trust that these disposers will never wear down.  We have many different options of horsepower on the motors, and electric choices so you can get exactly what your kitchen needs.  Our choices are suitable for any home, restaurant, and many other places.  Anywhere you have a kitchen, we can supply a high-quality Salvajor garbage disposal for you.  Whether you need a small amount of horsepower for your sink or a high amount, we will have something perfect for you.  We have a fantastic variety when you combine that with our unmatched customer service and low price guarantee, you get a value you can’t turn down.  

Salvajor is a leading provider in the industry, and you can easily see the difference between them and other name brands.  Here at, we are committed to providing the best customer service, and the lowest prices to our customers.  Please contact us if you have any further questions or concerns!