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A leader in the field, Panasonic microwaves are a familiar name when it comes to cooking, warming, or steaming food. An integral part of a professional kitchen, these products have been given our official “Editor’s Choice” stamp of approval thanks to their overall quality and impressive performance. Designed to withstand the busiest kitchens, these models are ruggedly built to perform at high levels of excellence.

The company has a long line of outstanding products bolstered by bold innovations over the years. Starting as a lamp socket manufacturer in 1918, the company has since become one of the leaders in a variety of industries. Their commitment to advancing new technologies in every aspect of their business shows through in their dependable commercial appliances. As one of the leading companies on the market with an impressive global reach, Panasonic continues to break new ground with their high performing solutions.

At, we know how important quality equipment is in the creation of quality food, and we want you to be satisfied in the products you use in your kitchen. With you choose from our selection of Panasonic microwaves, trust your business to the best, and enjoy outstanding customer service, innovative and necessary products, and our everyday Low Price guarantee, which ensures that you will always receive the name-brand products you’re familiar with at the best possible prices. We are honored to bring you a diverse selection of this reliable and highly productive brand for all your commercial kitchen needs.

Panasonic Commercial Microwave Ovens (12 products) Commercial Microwave Ovens

Our inventory of carries a broad selection of commercial microwave ovens by Panasonic to help certain basic needs of your operation. Built to withstand even the busiest commercial kitchens, they are NSF certified and available with wattages ranging from 1000W to 3200W. When looking for a commercial microwave oven, one of the most important elements is to get an even, all over heating. Designed to evenly distribute heat by generating an even output of heating power, these units will warm food without leaving the center still frozen or the edges burned. Another aspect to consider when choosing this item is the ease of operation. If your team has a hard time navigating the controls, it will make your kitchen less productive. With easy to operate and programmable functions, get the heating power your staff needs in a way that is easy to use with a Panasonic industrial microwave. Made of stainless steel cavities and easy to clean interiors, these microwaves are durable, attractive, and easy to maintain for a long-lasting addition to your operation. Shop with confidence knowing that all restaurant equipment, including Panasonic microwaves, ship free to any commercial address and are backed by our best price guarantee.

Panasonic Microwave Ovens (12 products) Microwave Ovens

We offer a large selection of commercial microwave Panasonic ovens to meet the needs of your busy kitchen. Units are designed to outperform and outlast the competition in every way. With their stainless steel exteriors, evenly distributed heating output, and easy to operate controls, these units are a no-brainer for any location. They are NSF certified and come in varying wattages, from 1000W to 3200W, to provide optimal performance you can count on for years of dependable productivity. We offer several sizes and capacities to find the right Panasonic industrial microwave for the size of your operational needs, best of all, units ship free of shipping charges to any commercial address for an added bonus on our already affordable prices.

Panasonic Commercial Steamers (3 products) Commercial Steamers

In the world of a restaurant, it is important to maximize space and productivity in equal measure. If you want to steam your veggies, and have the ability to quickly cook other food as well, but don’t have a lot of counter space, consider a commercial steamer oven by Panasonic. These heavy-duty multi-taskers are steamers and microwave ovens in one unit. They are built to withstand even the busiest kitchens without compromising on performance or results. Produce quality food while saving space in your kitchen with commercial microwave Panasonic steamer ovens. These units have thoughtful features such as removable trays for easy cleaning, multiple power levels, easy to operate controls, digital displays, and more. Whether looking for a way to steam vegetables as the main goal, or a unit with multiple purposes to save on space, these products are a dependable solution your business needs for success. At, you’ll save with free shipping and you’re backed by our best price guarantee.

Panasonic Commercial Equipment

Regardless of which type of unit you choose, there are certain elements of quality manufacturing found throughout this entire collection from Panasonic. All of our Panasonic commercial microwaves are crafted from sleek stainless steel, making them incredibly easy to clean, and versatile for any professional kitchen. From a familiar 1000 watts model to an impressive 3200 watts industrial workhorse, our inventory has the systems you need. The light-duty models are similar to the residential systems you are familiar with, but pack on heavy-duty all-metal doors and are NSF certified, making them a smart choice for professional kitchens. The larger 3200 watts models are ideal for complete cooking, with see-through drop-down doors, and an impressively bright interior light.
Dual steamers are ideal for kitchens that want to quickly prepare vegetables, fish, and water bath desserts. These products save space in your kitchen, eliminating the need for more than one system. Perfect for smaller spaces, these models max out at just under 26 inches in height, perfect for tucking somewhere unobtrusive.
We want you to have the products and supplies you want in your kitchen, without paying for a huge overhead. Choose and benefit from our personal customer service, price match, and free shipping on most products delivered to a commercial address. Enjoy the benefits you will see after installing one of these high-quality and easy to use Panasonic commercial microwaves, and start increasing your production and quality today! If you have any questions regarding any of these products, please contact us, and a member of our staff would be happy to assist you further.