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Short Order offers a great selection of Nemco countertop restaurant and foodservice equipment. Nemco restaurant equipment is high quality and helps make your food prep or service as efficient as possible. Explore our low price selection of slicers, cutters, warmers, heatlamps, and ovens!

Nemco Countertop Warmers

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Countertop Warmers

For countertop warmers and other restaurant equipment, trust

Nemco Commercial Ovens

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Commercial Ovens

We have an expansive array of options when it comes to choosing the best system for your kitchen. Models come in heights ranging from a compact thirty inches to over six feet. For smaller spaces, a slim countertop model will fulfill your baking and broiling needs, without being obtrusive or using up precious floor space. For the ultimate customization, choose two different stacking models and create your dream system. We have models that work with electricity, or natural gas or propane, so you don’t have to worry about installing a new line, or settle for a system you don’t love. has systems from five name-brand companies, including Alto-Shaam, Vulcan, Bakers Pride, Garland, and Nemco. Whether you’re searching for a cook and hold model, a combi-oven, convection cooker, or pizza deck, we have the products that suit your needs best. 


All ninety-five commercial ovens we offer are designed to withstand rugged daily use from a professional kitchen and are crafted from sleek and easy to clean stainless steel. Don’t let your production and quality slip to the wayside with sub-par equipment—let the professionals at walk you through what makes and models are ideal for your situation and needs. We always stand behind our products and have fast and free shipping on every product delivered to a commercial address. Our best price guarantee allows you to find the products and systems you know and love and prices that can’t be beaten. 

Nemco Slicers

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Commercial Slicers

Commercial slicers are necessary for any deli, supermarket, or restaurant serving large amounts of fresh deli cuts. Slicers cut foods more quickly and efficiently than can be done by hand, reducing food preparation time. Plus, meat and cheese slices come out evenly every time, creating consistent quality for your business and customers. This powerful tool is ideal for a variety of foodservice needs.

Short Order has many options available for commercial slicers including varying knife sizes; angle- or gravity-fed; and manual, semi-automatic, and automatic models. The type of equipment best suited for your establishment depends on the amount of time and capacity you will be cutting per day. Light-duty slicers are ideal for smaller restaurants that will be slicing for no more than 2 hours a day and have limited counter space. If your kitchen or deli will run the slicer for 2-4 hours a day and occasionally slice cheese, a medium-duty model would work best. Finally, businesses that anticipate running the slicer all day, along with slicing large quantities of cheese, should opt for a heavy-duty piece of equipment. Depending on your kitchen’s needs, commercial slicer models are available in manual and 120v electric options. Need more help choosing a commercial slicer? Check out our commercial slicer buyer’s guide.

Short Order understands the importance of quality, which is why we carry brands like Berkel, German Knife, Globe, Hobart, and Nemco. We also believe in value, so our Low Price Guarantee backs all our commercial slicers. If you find the same item at a lower price from another vendor, Short Order promises to refund you 110% of the price difference. Plus, all restaurant and bar equipment has free freight at

Check out our variety of commercial slicers and upgrade your kitchen today!

Nemco Food Cutters

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Food Cutters

For food cutters and more restaurant equipment, shop at

Nemco Heat Lamps

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Infrared Heat Lamps

Most commercial kitchens or restaurant buffets require infrared heat lamps to keep prepared food warm without it drying out or becoming discolored. Food heat lamps keep dishes at the perfect temperature until ready to be served. The two most common types of restaurant heat lamps are strip warmers and bulb warmers.

Strip warmers consist of a single or dual, high wattage tubular metal heater rod. The majority of these units are designed to be installed and stay in one place. They are great for buffets because they come in a variety of lengths, and can also be found in the back of the house.

Bulb warmers are usually freestanding units that can be plugged into a standard outlet, making them portable. They don’t produce as much heat as the strip warmers and generally cover less surface area. These units are ideal for carving stations or for holding warm bags of foods at concession stands, like French fries.

If you’re trying to decide between food warmers or heat lamps, remember that heat lamps are best for keeping foods warm for a short period of time. They work best on foods with a small surface area like veggies, breads, or pieces of meat, like chicken breasts. These units are not meant to be used for long-term holding or for heating dense foods like mashed potatoes. For those kinds of items, opt for a drop-in food well, holding cabinet, or hot food table.
Nemco has been a leading name in restaurant equipment since 1981 when they introduced the spiral cut fry cutter. Since then, they have increased their popularity with chefs and restaurant managers by offering a wide array of excellent countertop restaurant equipment including slicers, cutters, warmers, heatlamps, ovens, and hot dog cookers. The high quality and durability of Nemco products is what keeps restaurant kitchens functioning quickly and efficiently. Explore Short Order's selection of Nemco products and find what's right for your kitchen!