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Manitowoc Ice, Inc. has been making ice machines that focus on reducing costs and raising the standards of food safety since 1964. They have built a reputation of quality by remaining on the leading edge of technology. In fact, Manitowoc ice machines have been recognized as “Best In Class” for more than 13  straight years and can help make your restaurant kitchen best in class too! Manitowoc ice machines are high quality and durable so no matter what size or type of ice machine you choose, you know your Manitowoc is going to last.

Based out of Manitowoc, WI, Manitowoc Ice Inc. has a massive product line with over 200 models, from undercounter ice machines to remote ice machines with production capabilities ranging from 65 to 3,380 pounds per day. is proud to offer a broad selection of Manitowoc ice machines with free shipping to any commercial address.

Manitowoc Undercounter Ice Machines

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Manitowoc undercounter ice machines are the ideal solution for those that need reliable ice production and have limited space. Whether you are shopping for a quality ice machine for your home, small office or small restaurant or bar, you will find exactly what you need in’s selection of Manitowoc undercounter ice machines.

Manitowoc Ice Machine Heads with Bins

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Manitowoc ice machine heads don’t have any way to store the ice produced, so you need a storage bin. Manitowoc Ice Inc. makes ice machine heads to accommodate most any production requirement and a wide selection of bins. Take the guesswork out of shopping for your matching ice machine head and bin by shopping’s selection of head and bin combinations here. 

Manitowoc Ice Machine Heads with Dispenser Bins

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If you are running a hotel/motel or any other establishment that allows customers to dispense their own ice, you will find what you need in’s selection of Manitowoc ice machine heads with dispenser bins. Shop Manitowoc ice machine heads with production capabilities of 225 to 450 lbs per day and your customers will always have the ice they need.

Manitowoc Countertop Ice Machines

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Manitowoc countertop ice machines are a great solution for many doctor’s offices, clinics and hospitals. They don’t take up much space and offer the highly sought-after nugget style ice at a fair price. Manitowoc undercounter ice machines are the reliable choice that will last for years to come.

Manitowoc Ice Machine Head Only

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Sometimes you don’t need a bin. If your Manitowoc ice machine will sit atop a fountain drink dispenser or if you already have a bin, you’ll want to shop our selection of Manitowoc ice machines heads only. Available in a wide array of sizes and production capabilities, you’ll be sure to find a Manitowoc ice machine to suit your needs.

Manitowoc Ice Machines

Ice machines by industry-leading brand Manitowoc are the ideal choice for your foodservice operation. Manitowoc’s top-notch equipment reliably makes ice for drinks, cooling and food preparation in kitchens, restaurants and bars across the nation. Manitowoc makes head/bin combos, undercounter ice machines, ice dispensers and head-only machines that produce dice cubes, half-dice cubes, nugget and flake ice. ShortOrder is proud to offer a wide selection of these ice machines with a Low Price Guarantee that ensures buyers get the best restaurant equipment at the lowest prices available anywhere.

Manitowoc originated as a shipbuilding and ship-repair business in Manitowoc, Wisconsin in 1902. Their specialties have diversified plenty since then— in the 1920s they entered the lattice-boom crane business before moving into commercial refrigeration equipment manufacturing. Later, in the 1950s, the company began building a line of refrigerated display cases for use in supermarkets. It wasn’t long before Manitowoc pioneered commercial ice machines, increasing their product range to also include walk-in refrigerators and beverage dispensers. Today Manitowoc is a market share leader in restaurant equipment. Manitowoc now supplies restaurants, convenience stores, hotels and other institutions worldwide. Manitowoc is also the parent company of a variety of great food service brands including Frymaster, with manufacturing and distribution centers on three continents.

We offer ice machines that produce a variety of ice types, the most popular being half-dice or whole-dice ice cubes. Cubes melt slowly to optimize beverages such as mixed drinks and sodas. Flaker machines produce small, hard bits of ice that mold to any shape and are ideal for salad bars and produce or seafood displays. When choosing, keep in mind that your ice usage needs will vary seasonally, as demand for iced beverages will increase during warmer months. Account for this by choosing a model that is large enough to handle your peak usage. Know that the industry is turning to air-cooled ice machines, as they are more environmentally friendly than water-cooled machines and have lower upfront and operating costs.

The Low Price Guarantee on commercial restaurant equipment ensures you’re getting the best value. Because of our dedication to being the leading online restaurant equipment dealer, we promise to refund 110% of the difference if you find the same item priced lower anywhere else.