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Founded in 1969, Kolpak has become one of the top leaders and most recognized brand names in the manufacture of custom walk-in coolers and freezers. From walk-in Polar-Paks to remote refrigeration, Kolpak has expanded its product line to include refrigeration equipment other than simple walk-in refrigerators and freezers.

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Kolpak Walk-In Coolers (22 products) Walk-In Coolers

Looking for a larger refrigeration unit to keep your perishable food items fresh and ready to use for your business? A Kolpak walk-in cooler may be just what you need! At ShortOrder.com we offer a variety of Kolpak Polar-Pak walk-in coolers that are perfect for storing fresh foods, beverages and products that are essential to your restaurant, hotel or small business. With sizes ranging from 5'x4' to 10'x10', the top refrigeration mounted Kolpak walk-in Polar-Pak is easy to install, and it also provides adequate space and optimal temperatures for a variety of items that need to be refrigerated. At ShortOrder.com we offer a Low Price Guarantee and free shipping to a commercial address on all Kolpak equipment.

Kolpak Walk-In Freezers (23 products) Walk-In Freezers

A reliable freezer that can hold a large amount of perishable foods to be used at a later time is essential in restaurants, bakeries and hotels. A Kolpak walk-in freezer may be the perfect fit for your needs, and ShortOrder.com has a selection of varying sizes of Kolpak Polar-Pak walk-in freezers to choose from. ShortOrder also offers a Low Price Guarantee on all equipment, and with Kolpak being an industry leader in commercial refrigeration, you know your frozen items will be kept at the right temperature and ready to use when you need them. Take a look around on ShortOrder.com, where you will be getting a Kolpak walk-in freezer at a great price.


Kolpak Walk-In Coolers and Freezers

Kolpak, a division of Manitowoc Foodservice since 1995, specializes in walk-in cooler and freezer condensing systems, and is well known among restaurant owners and chefs for their excellence. Founded in 1969 and located in Parsons, TN, Kolpak manufactures a variety of refrigeration systems, including self-contained walk-ins and step-ins, refrigerated warehouses, and walk-in accessories. Besides walk-in Polar-Pak freezers, you'll also find walk-in Polar-Pak coolers at ShortOrder.com.

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