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If your restaurant is in need of a walk-in freezer or cooler, you have come to the perfect place.  Kolpak has been known for producing reliable, efficient walk-in refrigeration systems since 1969.  It’s the best way to increase your storage space effectively, for an affordable price. 

Kolpak Walk-In Coolers (22 products) Walk-In Coolers

Looking for a larger refrigeration unit to keep your perishable food items fresh and ready to use for your business? A Kolpak walk-in cooler may be just what you need! At ShortOrder.com we offer a variety of Kolpak Polar-Pak walk-in coolers that are perfect for storing fresh foods, beverages and products that are essential to your restaurant, hotel or small business. With sizes ranging from 5'x4' to 10'x10', the top refrigeration mounted Kolpak walk-in Polar-Pak is easy to install, and it also provides adequate space and optimal temperatures for a variety of items that need to be refrigerated. At ShortOrder.com we offer a Low Price Guarantee and free shipping to a commercial address on all Kolpak equipment.

Kolpak Walk-In Freezers (23 products) Walk-In Freezers

A reliable freezer that can hold a large amount of perishable foods to be used at a later time is essential in restaurants, bakeries and hotels. A Kolpak walk-in freezer may be the perfect fit for your needs, and ShortOrder.com has a selection of varying sizes of Kolpak Polar-Pak walk-in freezers to choose from. ShortOrder also offers a Low Price Guarantee on all equipment, and with Kolpak being an industry leader in commercial refrigeration, you know your frozen items will be kept at the right temperature and ready to use when you need them. Take a look around on ShortOrder.com, where you will be getting a Kolpak walk-in freezer at a great price.


Kolpak Walk-In Coolers and Freezers

Kolpak systems are easy to install thanks to our free commercial shipping options.  Keeping your essential meats and foods at the right temperature will help you produce quality meals.  Kolpak walk-in coolers and freezers are known for being durable, easy to operate, and very spacious.  You can easily organize everything you need to while keeping it at optimal temperatures.  All choices are available in top mounted style, which is what we would consider as being the best.  Whether you’re an ice cream shop, and you need more freezer space or a steakhouse that needs a walk in cooler, our inventory has many sizes available to suit your business.  

Our freezers and coolers are made of durable metal that can withstand the heavy traffic kitchens receive. Our smooth aluminum floor helps reduce the chances of slipping or potential injuries from falling.  With an easy to use dial thermometer, you can easily set the precise temperature you need.  Having this will allow you to hold more inventory in your kitchen, and keep more of your essential items cold.  

With a low price guarantee and free shipping, your new Kolpak system can be installed at an incredible value.  Get in touch with our staff and we can find the right size to meet your needs!