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Hoshizaki ice makers guarantee that you’ll have the fastest and highest quality product created for your restaurant, bar, or cafe. Offered in compact under counter, sleek countertop, head only, or heads with either dispenser or standard storage bins, ShortOrder.com has the system that will perfectly match your needs. All of our offered models are crafted from impressive stainless steel, and have self-contained condensers, making production a breeze. 

Hoshizaki Undercounter Ice Machines (6 products) Undercounter Ice Machines

If you need a reliable ice machine that creates and stores a fair amount of ice, but doesn’t take up much space, then a Hoshizaki undercounter ice machine might be exactly what you’re looking for. There are a couple of options to choose from in production and storage capacity, all designed to fit under the standard counter height. ShortOrder.com carries Hoshizaki undercounter ice makers that produce anywhere from 50-400 lbs of ice per day and hold between 22 and 80 lbs. As with all commercial restaurant equipment at ShortOrder, these ice machines will ship free commercial shipping and are backed by our best price guarantee.

Hoshizaki Ice Machine Heads with Bins (7 products) Ice Machine Heads with Bins

If you need a ice machine and a bin, don’t try to guess which bin would be best, just shop the selection of Hoshizaki ice machine head and bin combos at ShortOrder.com. We’ve done the research and paired modular ice machines (or ice machine heads) with popular bins to save you the time and effort. You’ll find machines that produce anywhere from 300 to over 900 lbs per day and bins to hold all the ice you need. ShortOrder is proud to offer free commercial shipping and a low price guarantee on all equipment.

Hoshizaki Ice Maker Dispensers (1 product) Ice Maker Dispensers

Hoshizaki ice machines with dispenser bins are a great choice for hotel/motel operators that allow customers to serve their own ice. They are always at the ready with a large production capacity and storage capability. You’ll find that all of the choices are air-cooled and most are Energy Star certified. ShortOrder is proud to offer free commercial shipping and a low price guarantee on all equipment.

Hoshizaki Countertop Ice Machines (1 product) Countertop Ice Machines

Do you run a healthcare facility or have a breakroom where people need ice, but you don’t have a lot of space for a big ice machine? Consider Hoshizaki countertop ice machines for your solution. They are available with a range of production capabilities and storage capacities, all with free commercial shipping. ShortOrder.com also has a best price guarantee so you can shop with confidence knowing that you’re getting a fair price.

Hoshizaki Ice Machine Head Only (13 products) Ice Machine Head Only

If you already have a bin, or just need an ice machine to sit atop of a ice dispenser, Hoshizaki ice machines are just the answer. They have an extensive selection that produce a variety of ice styles: cubelet, flake, dice or crescent style cubes. ShortOrder carries several ice heads by Hoshizaki with production capacities ranging from 200 to over 900 lbs per 24 hrs. All ice machines ship with free commercial shipping and are backed by our best price guarantee.

Hoshizaki Ice Makers

The under counter models can produce up to 400 pounds in a 24 hour period, and can create dice sized or cubelet cubes. Four of the six under counter models available are Energy Star Compliant, making them ideal for business that want to shave a little money off their energy bill. All under counter models are air-cooled, and maintain their temperature throughout the day, so you don’t have a mess to mop up. 


The huge and versatile combinations of heads and bins we offer include models that can produce up over 1300 pounds in a day, making them ideal for large production businesses. All seven head and bin matches create dice sized cubes, and six are Energy Star Compliant, ensuring that you’ll find an Hoshizaki ice maker that works for your restaurant. 


The top of the line dispenser bin and production head combination in this line of products creates an impressive 322 pounds in 24 hours, and can store up to 200 pounds at a time. The dispenser system makes this machine ideal for hotels, offices, or hospitals—anywhere that guests would dispense their own ice easily. If you already own a dispenser or storage bin, we also offer single production heads. 


Perfect for break rooms, public offices, or cafes, the countertop machine creates over 280 pounds and has an 88-pound storage capacity. This smaller model is ideal for countertops, and at just under 17 inches across, won’t take up precious counter space. 


These Hoshizaki ice makers are the perfect addition to your business, whether you’re looking to revamp your current system, or are just starting to flesh out your new kitchen. At ShortOrder.com, we know how important your equipment is to a smooth running business—that’s why we offer our best price guarantee, so you’ll always be able to buy the name-brand products you want at unbeatable prices.