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ShortOrder offers free freight and low prices on Hobart restaurant equipment

Hobart Glass Washers

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Glass Washers

For glass washers and more restaurant equipment, trust ShortOrder.com.

Hobart Slicers

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Commercial Slicers

Commercial slicers are necessary for any deli, supermarket, or restaurant serving large amounts of fresh deli cuts. Slicers cut foods more quickly and efficiently than can be done by hand, reducing food preparation time. Plus, meat and cheese slices come out evenly every time, creating consistent quality for your business and customers. This powerful tool is ideal for a variety of foodservice needs.

Short Order has many options available for commercial slicers including varying knife sizes; angle- or gravity-fed; and manual, semi-automatic, and automatic models. The type of equipment best suited for your establishment depends on the amount of time and capacity you will be cutting per day. Light-duty slicers are ideal for smaller restaurants that will be slicing for no more than 2 hours a day and have limited counter space. If your kitchen or deli will run the slicer for 2-4 hours a day and occasionally slice cheese, a medium-duty model would work best. Finally, businesses that anticipate running the slicer all day, along with slicing large quantities of cheese, should opt for a heavy-duty piece of equipment. Depending on your kitchen’s needs, commercial slicer models are available in manual and 120v electric options. Need more help choosing a commercial slicer? Check out our commercial slicer buyer’s guide.

Short Order understands the importance of quality, which is why we carry brands like Berkel, German Knife, Globe, Hobart, and Nemco. We also believe in value, so our Low Price Guarantee backs all our commercial slicers. If you find the same item at a lower price from another vendor, Short Order promises to refund you 110% of the price difference. Plus, all restaurant and bar equipment has free freight at ShortOrder.com.

Check out our variety of commercial slicers and upgrade your kitchen today!

Hobart Food Cutters

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Food Cutters

For food cutters and more restaurant equipment, shop at ShortOrder.com.

Hobart Glass Washers

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Glass Washers

Shop our impressive selection of Hobart glass washers at ShortOrder.com.

Hobart Mixers

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Commercial Mixers

One of the most important commercial kitchen appliances any restaurant can own is a commercial mixer. Without one, things can get very difficult to make. This is especially true for those big food dishes that call for 80-quarts worth of ingredients. We know you don’t want to mix that by hand.

At Short Order we carry a wide variety of commercial mixer sizes so that you have many options to choose from. Our smallest commercial mixer is 10-quarts while our largest can hold up to a whopping 80-quarts. When shopping with us you will have only the best brand names available to you, such as Hobart, Globe, and Univex. You won’t find better mixers than these.

Hobart Dish Machines

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Dish Machines

Dish machines get the dirt out – and the grime, grease and food particles. If you want to keep your restaurant clean and your customers healthy, shop Short Order’s restaurant equipment for a brand-name dishwashing machine that applies the three sanitizing miracle-workers – heat, steam and soap. Some dish machines also rely on chemical sanitation to ensure that every dish is as germ-free as possible. When manual dish washing just won’t do the trick, turn to a commercial dish machine from Short Order to do it right.

Short Order is proud to carry top brands like Hobart. Hobart’s commercial dishwashers are durable, dependable, and high-tech—everything a kitchen needs from a good dish machine. With options of conveyor, undercounter, or upright machines; and machine temperature options of high, low, or combination, you’ll find that Hobart dish machines get the job done right the first time, saving you time, energy, and money.

Because Short Order is committed to customer satisfaction and savings, we offer free commercial shipping and a Low Price Guarantee. That means that if you find the same dish machine at a lower price somewhere else, Short Order will pay you back 110% of the difference in cost. A better kitchen and a better bottom line? Why not? Buy a commercial dishwasher from Short Order today to get the most out of your machine.

Hobart Meat Grinders and Food Grinders

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Meat Grinders and Food Grinders

For meat grinders, food grinders and more restaurant equipment at the lowest prices, shot at ShortOrder.com.

Hobart Restaurant Equipment

Hobart slicers are reliable and well-designed pieces of kitchen equipment that are admired for their long years of service in kitchens, restaurants and delis all over the world. But Hobart isn't just about slicers. Hobart also manufacturers top-notch bench mixers, meat grinders, holding cabinets, and floor mixers.