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When it comes to having a variety of different equipment to keep foods stored and hot, Hatco equipment has just what you need.  We offer several different types of equipment that are useful for presenting food, keeping it warm before serving, and much more.  There are many products here that could be beneficial to your business.  We invite you to browse through our selection.

Hatco Countertop Warmers (16 products) Countertop Warmers

Countertop Warmers

For countertop warmers and other restaurant equipment, trust ShortOrder.com.
Hatco Holding Cabinets (3 products) Holding Cabinets

Holding Cabinets

Holding cabinets are an essential piece of equipment for restaurants looking to keep food warm and delectable before serving it to customers. Heated holding cabinets help preserve the temperature of pre-made food items, so you’ll never have to worry about dishing out cold food to customers. Maximum temperature control helps maintain enhanced food safety and taste.

Short Order offers many quality brands of heated holding cabinets including: Alto-Shaam, Crescor, Hatco, Metro, and Vulcan. Each brand comes with different features. When buying a holding cabinet, the first consideration should be what type of cabinet will best suit your business needs. Mobile cabinets have wheels that combine food warming with easy transportation. Countertop cabinets are convenient if your restaurant is short on floor space. Pizza cabinets are full-sized cabinets that are specifically designed to store larger quantities of pizza. Short Order carries both half-height and full-height holding cabinets to meet your restaurants’ food capacity needs. Half-height cabinets are best for smaller restaurants or smaller warmed food quantities, whereas full-height holding cabinets are best for full-service restaurants. Most cabinets have full-size pan (12” x 20”) capacity. Other considerations should include what voltage is required (120/1v or 208-240v) and whether you need an insulated or non-insulated holding cabinet.

Short Order recognizes that quality and value are important when buying restaurant equipment. Our Low Price Guarantee backs all holding cabinets and any other restaurant equipment. If you find a better price offer from another vendor, we promise to refund 110% of the price difference on the same item. No matter what you buy, Short Order ensures free freight on all restaurant and bar equipment purchases.

Short Order has a wide selection of heated holding cabinet to keep your restaurant operating at its best. Shop our equipment today and save with our quality products and low prices.
Hatco Heat Lamps (36 products) Heat Lamps

Infrared Heat Lamps

Most commercial kitchens or restaurant buffets require infrared heat lamps to keep prepared food warm without it drying out or becoming discolored. Food heat lamps keep dishes at the perfect temperature until ready to be served. The two most common types of restaurant heat lamps are strip warmers and bulb warmers.

Strip warmers consist of a single or dual, high wattage tubular metal heater rod. The majority of these units are designed to be installed and stay in one place. They are great for buffets because they come in a variety of lengths, and can also be found in the back of the house.

Bulb warmers are usually freestanding units that can be plugged into a standard outlet, making them portable. They don’t produce as much heat as the strip warmers and generally cover less surface area. These units are ideal for carving stations or for holding warm bags of foods at concession stands, like French fries.

If you’re trying to decide between food warmers or heat lamps, remember that heat lamps are best for keeping foods warm for a short period of time. They work best on foods with a small surface area like veggies, breads, or pieces of meat, like chicken breasts. These units are not meant to be used for long-term holding or for heating dense foods like mashed potatoes. For those kinds of items, opt for a drop-in food well, holding cabinet, or hot food table.
Hatco Sandwich Grills (6 products) Sandwich Grills

Sandwich Grills and Sandwich Toasters

Sandwich grills, also known as sandwich toasters, often seen in delis and lunch eateries, are essential for quickly delivering toasted sandwiches - with cheese melted inside them to perfection - to hungry customers. Most sandwich grills or sandwich toasters include a pressure element - a hinged lid with an embedded heat element that swings down on the food - to compress sandwiches and ensure that the bread and contents are evenly browned. Our favorite brand-name sandwich grills and sandwich toasters include: Star/Holman sandwich grills, Lang sandwich toasters, and Cadco sandwich toasters. Trust Short Order for all your restaurant equipment needs.
Hatco Commercial Toasters (5 products) Commercial Toasters

Commercial Toasters

For commercial toasters and other restaurant equipment, trust ShortOrder.com.
Hatco Fry Dump Stations (4 products) Fry Dump Stations

Fry Dump Stations

Whether your customers order golden fries, crispy chicken, or breaded shrimp – they expect piping hot goodness straight out of the fryer. Unfortunately, frying in small batches is time consuming, while frying in large batches means that some of your food may get cold before it’s plated. If you want to keep your fried-foods fresh and your patrons begging for more, a portable fry dump station from ShortOrder may be the best solution. Our range of electrically-powered fry dump stations provide consistent long-term heat, and because they’re portable, they can live anywhere in your kitchen. From ceramic to metal-sheathed heating elements, all the way down to single or double holding pan units, you can find a model to fit your unique kitchen. No matter which unit you decide to purchase, the built-in overhead lighting in all of our stations ensures that your products will be evenly warmed at safe temperatures all day long.

With a choice selection of Hatco fry dump stations at ShortOrder, you know you’re getting the best on the market today. When you shop for fry dump stations or any of your other commercial restaurant needs at ShortOrder.com, you get a low-price guarantee paired with free commercial shipping on all equipment purchases. Shop fry dump stations today and make sure your restaurant stays the hottest-ticket in town.

Hatco Commercial Warming Drawers (8 products) Commercial Warming Drawers

Commercial Warming Drawers

These commercial warming drawers are designed to universally heat the food placed inside, keeping it at a safe to serve temperature, and have thick insulated walls to buffer your staff from any potential danger. Proper insulation means that these models are hyper efficient at maintaining the proper heat, and can do so with less energy use and cost. Our Hatco, APW, and Vulcan products offer several different drawer options, so you can keep multiple different foods heated and ready to serve. Texican models are countertop, convection style air circulation systems, designed to keep chips toasted and fresh. All twenty models we offer are crafted from stainless steel and are sleek and easy to clean. We are positive that you’ll find a system that fully integrates with your kitchen, and upgrades the quality and efficiency of your kitchen. Whether you need a large and accommodating system, or a compact countertop model, we have a wide range of options for you. 


At ShortOrder.com, we understand the daily wear and tear that professional kitchen equipment undergoes, and that’s why we’ve selected these commercial warming drawers for your kitchen. They’re designed to withstand the most aggressive kitchens and give you the best food, every time. We’re so committed to providing quality equipment that we offer free shipping on every product delivered to a commercial address, and offer installation on any product or system ordered. We also have our low-price guarantee, which allows you to purchase the name-brand equipment you want at prices that can’t be beaten. 

Hatco Heat Lamps

Hatco offers many different types of solutions to storing your foods at the right temperature, whether that’s hot or cold.  That includes countertop warmers, holding cabinets, carving stations that are perfect for catering events, and much more.  All of our choices come in a wide variety of sizes and styles to fit your specific needs.  Whether you’re limited on space or your budget is tight, we can make it work for you.  We also have heat lamps, sandwich grills, toasters, fry dump stations, warming drawers, and much more.  When you need to increase your storage space in order to produce incredible products, you can look to us to solve your problems.

Our products come with many useful features that will make a difference in your kitchen and improve your quality.  All of our Hatco equipment items can help improve your quality, and help you accomplish your goal of serving fresh food to your customers.  All products are made with the latest technology that supports clean, fresh food for your customers.  With our low price guarantee, you’ll be sure to find the very best deals on all Hatco items right here.  If you’re looking to improve your business and equipment, this is the best way to do it.

We have the best variety of equipment that is built to meet your needs, for the life of your business.  Hatco is considered a pioneer in the industry, you won’t find a better product, for a better value, anywhere else.