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Globe Griddles

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Commercial Griddles

Whether your restaurant specializes in making the perfect breakfast or just a mean hot sandwich, commercial griddles are essential kitchen appliances to have in a restaurant. A griddle is an appliance that has a flat cooking surface with its own heat source underneath. For a commercial kitchen, the most common griddles used are ones built into a range or standalone electric griddles.

At Short Order we supply our customers with many different griddle options to choose from. The two deciding factors in the decision-making process are usually the size and heat source. We carry commercial griddles that range from 12” all the way to 72” so that restaurants can get the one that fits best into their current kitchen spaces. Additionally, we have varying heat options that you can choose from: natural gas, propane, and electric.

We are extremely confident you will find a griddle that meshes perfectly with your restaurant, and that you’ll have customers coming back for more once they’ve tried the food cooked on our products.

Globe Fryers

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Commercial Fryers

Deep fryers aren’t just for fast food French fries. Bakeries, diners, and full service restaurants can all benefit from commercial fryers just as much as quick service restaurants can. From house-made potato chips to authentic sopapillas to tempura-battered fish, deep fryers offer restaurants the opportunity to serve fresh, unique foods that are crispy and piping hot. When it comes to commercial fryers and other restaurant equipment, trust Commercial fryers are your kitchen equipment of choice when you want to cook with hot oil and consistently deliver delicious dishes to customers.

An ideal commercial fryer – like the quality fryers we vend at – is durable, safe, and easy to clean. With top-quality construction from brand names that are proven to deliver reliable results, fryers from always fit the bill. We carry fryers from a wide range of manufacturers including Dean fryers, Eagle fryers, Frymaster fryers, and Vulcan fryers.

What do you need to know about buying a fryer for your restaurant? To start, figure out what specifications you need to meet. What type of fryer do you need? How large should the capacity be? What is your budget for a new fryer?

When it comes to types of sediment zones, we carry fryers with all kinds, including open pot, tube type, and flat bottom. Each type of fryer has unique advantages, depending on the recovery time you require, the ease with which you need to clean it, and the types of food you will be cooking.

The capacity of your fryer depends upon the amount of food you need to cook and the amount of oil required. Additionally, you should consider the amount of space you have for a fryer in your commercial kitchen and choose a size accordingly. Commercial fryers from range from 10 lbs. to 100 lbs. in oil capacity, so there is a fryer for every need. Restaurants of all sizes can benefit from adding a fryer to a commercial kitchen.

All of our equipment is backed by our Low Price Guarantee, which promises customers a 110% refund of the difference if you find the same item for less at another vendor. And no matter what price you pay for your restaurant equipment, you will always receive free freight from To learn more about deep fryers, view the Short Order fryer buyer’s guide, and shop for the best deep fryers here at

Globe Slicers

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Commercial Slicers

Commercial slicers are necessary for any deli, supermarket, or restaurant serving large amounts of fresh deli cuts. Slicers cut foods more quickly and efficiently than can be done by hand, reducing food preparation time. Plus, meat and cheese slices come out evenly every time, creating consistent quality for your business and customers. This powerful tool is ideal for a variety of foodservice needs.

Short Order has many options available for commercial slicers including varying knife sizes; angle- or gravity-fed; and manual, semi-automatic, and automatic models. The type of equipment best suited for your establishment depends on the amount of time and capacity you will be cutting per day. Light-duty slicers are ideal for smaller restaurants that will be slicing for no more than 2 hours a day and have limited counter space. If your kitchen or deli will run the slicer for 2-4 hours a day and occasionally slice cheese, a medium-duty model would work best. Finally, businesses that anticipate running the slicer all day, along with slicing large quantities of cheese, should opt for a heavy-duty piece of equipment. Depending on your kitchen’s needs, commercial slicer models are available in manual and 120v electric options. Need more help choosing a commercial slicer? Check out our commercial slicer buyer’s guide.

Short Order understands the importance of quality, which is why we carry brands like Berkel, German Knife, Globe, Hobart, and Nemco. We also believe in value, so our Low Price Guarantee backs all our commercial slicers. If you find the same item at a lower price from another vendor, Short Order promises to refund you 110% of the price difference. Plus, all restaurant and bar equipment has free freight at

Check out our variety of commercial slicers and upgrade your kitchen today!

Globe Char Broilers

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Char Broilers

Debating whether or not to invest in a new char broiler for your commercial restaurant? There are so many benefits to using a char broiler that you’ll wonder why you didn’t purchase one before.

What’s nice about using a char broiler in your commercial restaurant is that it cooks using dry heat, giving you that nice grilled taste and beautiful grill marks without having to actually use an outdoor grill. You can think of it as a firebox that has a grate atop the flame. Like an outdoor grill, a char broiler is primarily used to cook vegetables and meats like beef, chicken, or fish, but can also be used to finish off a dish or reheat an entrée.

We carry a wide variety of char broilers, and with a wide selection of size options, types, gas options, and manufacturers, you will be able to find the appliance that’s just right for your kitchen.

Globe Mixers

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Commercial Mixers

One of the most important commercial kitchen appliances any restaurant can own is a commercial mixer. Without one, things can get very difficult to make. This is especially true for those big food dishes that call for 80-quarts worth of ingredients. We know you don’t want to mix that by hand.

At Short Order we carry a wide variety of commercial mixer sizes so that you have many options to choose from. Our smallest commercial mixer is 10-quarts while our largest can hold up to a whopping 80-quarts. When shopping with us you will have only the best brand names available to you, such as Hobart, Globe, and Univex. You won’t find better mixers than these.

Globe Sandwich Grills

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Sandwich Grills and Sandwich Toasters

Sandwich grills, also known as sandwich toasters, often seen in delis and lunch eateries, are essential for quickly delivering toasted sandwiches - with cheese melted inside them to perfection - to hungry customers. Most sandwich grills or sandwich toasters include a pressure element - a hinged lid with an embedded heat element that swings down on the food - to compress sandwiches and ensure that the bread and contents are evenly browned. Our favorite brand-name sandwich grills and sandwich toasters include: Star/Holman sandwich grills, Lang sandwich toasters, and Cadco sandwich toasters. Trust Short Order for all your restaurant equipment needs.

Globe Meat Grinders and Food Grinders

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Meat Grinders and Food Grinders

For meat grinders, food grinders and more restaurant equipment at the lowest prices, shot at

Globe Hot Dog Cookers

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Globe Slicers

Globe slicers are quickly making a big name for themselves in the restaurant equipment industry. Affordable and durable, Globe slicers and Globe mixers are extremely useful additions to your restaurant kitchen. Even in the most demanding environments, equipment from this Dayton, Ohio company is built to perform. We are proud to provide a wide selection with a low price guarantee that ensures buyers are getting the best restaurant equipment for the lowest prices available anywhere.
Used primarily and butcher shops and delis for slicing meats and cheeses, the slicer dates back to 1898 when it was invented in Holland by Wilhelm van Berkel. Today, classic models such as the Globe Slicer 4600P are still operated by a manual crank. A more modern slicer uses an electric motor to slice automatically at programmed speeds, as seen in the Globe Slicer 4975P. It features a choice of nine different speeds for all of your kitchen operation's needs. Our slicers are designed around a large circular blade that rotates over a sliding tray. The tray moves your meat, cheese or other ingredient into the blade and then gathers the fresh slices as they are cut.
When it comes to combining a bulk of ingredients, commercial mixers are highly useful to your kitchen staff. The large quantity of ingredients that need to be mixed for the preparation of your best dishes require the heavy-duty power of a Globe mixer. These vertical mixers are designed to be easy to clean and always reliable. Mounted on a stand that bears the weight of the device and its powerful electric motor, your ingredients are mixed in a bowl that is locked in place during operation. Turner Williams of Providence, Rhode Island invented the hand egg beater in 1870, a predecessor to the commercial mixers we offer today. With a choice of mixing speeds, our selected models from Globe can handle any level of prep work your business calls for. At Short Order, we proudly offer these mixers in sizes from ten quarts to sixty quarts.
Globe grinders are another favorite. These simple, powerful appliances are used to break down large or particularly tough ingredients into small, tender pieces. They are built to last for years of demanding use and include safety features that keep accidentally careless fingers out of harm's way from blades and other moving parts. The meat grinder was invented in the 19th century by German inventor Karl Drais.
Several of our Globe restaurant equipment models have been specially selected by top editors at Foodservice Equipment and Supplies magazine, a leading industry publication based in Chicago. For example, the Globe Mixer SP10 received the honor for its strong durability and great value. Able to chop through up to 250 pounds of meat per hour, the Globe Meat Grinders and Food Grinder CC12 also made the “cut” as an Editor's Choice. Meanwhile, our low price guarantee on restaurant equipment here at Short Order ensures you’ll save money on these highly ranked products. Because of our dedication to being the leading online restaurant equipment dealer, we promise to refund 110% of the difference if you find the same item priced lower anywhere else.