Behind every great bar there’s equally great bar equipment. Glastender bar equipment is no exception. Bar owners and bartenders recognize Glastender for putting out quality products like glass frosters, bottle coolers and draft beer coolers.

Glastender Direct Draw Systems: Kegerators

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Kegerators, also known as draft beer dispensers or direct draw systems, are essential in restaurants and bars that serve draft beer. Combining refrigeration with direct draw systems, kegerators play a key role in keeping kegs of draft beer chilled and readily accessible. Stable coldness contributes to maintaining the taste and quality of beer while in the keg.

Short Order offers many different options for kegerators including your choice of the number of faucets, the number of kegs the kegerator can hold, and a variety of finishes. When buying a direct draw system, you should determine the size and number of faucets that will best meet your needs. Small draft beer dispensers, which may be more suited to smaller restaurants, will hold 1 keg of beer. If you are a typical restaurant or bar, an average-sized kegerator that holds 2-3 kegs with 1-2 faucets of beer is ideal. Restaurants and bars that expect full use from the kegerator should consider a heavy usage one. These direct draw systems typically hold 4-5 kegs, have 2 faucets, and have faster recovery refrigeration systems.

Lighter-duty kegerators are also a great addition to a home. The days of rented trash cans and bags of ice are over when you purchase a kegerator. The convenient dispenser and refrigeration makes storing kegs in the house an effortless experience. They are perfect for at-home entertaining or buying beer in bulk.

With kegerator brands like Beverage Air, Glastender, True, and Turbo Air, Short Order recognizes quality, but also knows the importance of value when buying bar equipment. That’s why our Low Price Guarantee backs all kegerators and direct draw system prices. The Low Price Guarantee promises to refund 110% of the price difference if you find the same item for less at another vendor, ensuring that we offer the best price available on all our commercial restaurant and bar equipment. Plus, regardless of price, all restaurant and bar equipment has free freight at

Shop our selection of kegerators and more to upgrade your bar today!

Glastender Back Bar Storage

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Back Bar Cabinets and Back Bar Coolers

When running a bar, it’s important to keep in mind how many bottles of alcohol or other drinks you’ll go through during peak business hours. If your current bar storage containers aren’t keeping up with the demand, you should consider taking storage up a notch. Keep thirsty bar patrons happy with plenty of back bar coolers and storage solutions. Whether you are looking for glass door back bar cabinets to showcase your beverage options on the counter or large back bar storage cooler, ShortOrder has a wide range of back bar equipment to help you serve up cold drinks quickly.

At ShortOrder, we believe in providing our customers with the highest quality products available, which is why we sell top back bar equipment brands like Beverage-Air, True, Turbo Air and Glastender. With a wide variety of options such as finishes, display features, and capacities, you can rest assured you’ll find the back bar storage equipment to fit the needs of your bar environment.

When you shop at you receive our Low Price Guarantee, which means if you find an identical piece of equipment for a lower cost, we will beat any price from competitors. And remember, most of our back bar coolers and storage equipment come with free shipping. Shop today for your new back bar equipment and save!

Glastender Deep Well Bottle Coolers

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Deep Well Bottle Coolers

There is no such thing as “too much” refrigerated storage space when you’re trying to run a crowded bar. This is why having a deep well bottle cooler can prove to be invaluable on a hectic day. By fully stocking this type of cooler, the bartenders will be able to spend less time refilling the beer coolers, and more time making sure your customers are happy. It’s always a win-win situation when you own a deep well bottle cooler.

At Short Order we have a large selection of deep well bottle coolers that vary in size and color so you can find the cooler that meshes best with your bar or restaurant. Also, because many of our customers have brand preferences, we’re fully stocked with True, Beverage-Air, Turbo Air, and Glastender Deep Well Bottle Coolers.

Owning this commercial appliance will be life changing, and you’ll wonder what you ever did without it.

Glastender Glass Chillers

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Glass Chillers

Find glass chillers and more restaurant equipment at

Glastender Bar Sinks

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Bar Sinks

For bar sinks and a great selection of restaurant equipment, don't miss Short Order.

Glastender Ice Bins and Cocktail Equipment

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Ice Bins and Cocktail Equipment

Find the perfect ice bins and cocktail equipment for your restaurant or bar.

Glastender Under Bar Equipment

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Under Bar Equipment

When it comes to quality, many say it's what's underneath that counts—and nowhere is this truer than behind the bar. The under bar equipment an establishment uses can make or break the level of service patrons get, so having the right equipment to get the job done is a must. Staying organized, clean, and ready to go means you'll see smoother service, happy customers, and better tips.

That's why carries top under bar equipment brands like Glastender, with equipment choices for every bar's need. Glass racks to keep glassware organized and at-the-ready, liquor displays to keep all ingredient options at your fingertips, ice bins to fill up and keep drinks fresh, all-in-one work board sink stations so you can be as efficient as possible—it's easy to run a better bar with help from ShortOrder. Plus, all our products are made to last, to ensure that your equipment stands up to the hectic pace of life behind the bar.

It’s not just our equipment that's dependable—our prices are too! The “Low Price Guarantee” means we promise to refund 110% of the difference in cost if you find the same piece of restaurant equipment at a lower cost anywhere. Additionally, all equipment orders get free commercial shipping, and have the option of available installation.

To keep the quality level of your bar high, start where the drinks are made! Shop our restaurant equipment online and find the perfect piece of under bar equipment for your place today.

Glastender Liquor Displays

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Liquor Displays

For all your restaurant equipment needs, including liquor displays, trust

Glastender Bar Equipment

Back in 1961, a man named Jon Hall joined his father’s licensed dealer business which sold Kold-Draft ice machines. A few years later, Jon Hall made his father proud by inventing the world’s first ice dispenser in 1964. Later on in 1969, Jon Hall created the world’s first automatic rotary glasswasher which was named “Glastender.” The invention became the company’s new business venture and it crossed over as the company’s flagship name. Since then, Glastender has been a family run business with a surplus of experience in manufacturing world-class kitchen and bar equipment. Stationed in Sagniaw, Michigan, Glastender makes its bar equipment right here in the United States. From liquor displays to underbar wet waste sinks, Glastender has a variety of products for all of your bar equipment needs. Many of Glastender’s products are equipped with drain board tops, adjustable glass rack slides, and so much more. Additionally, when you buy a Glastender product, you are getting world-class design. The equipment is aesthetically pleasing and Glastender has various sizes of bar machines to fit your bar’s dimensions and specifications. There are many materials to choose from as well such as stainless steel or black vinyl-cad for the equipment exteriors. To this day, Glastender continues to push the envelopment for innovation and high-quality products. Here at Short Order, we want to make sure that innovation is never compromised. Buy a Glastender kitchen product with Short Order and you can save more with our Low Price Guarantee. In other words, if you find the same product at a lower price somewhere else, Short Order stands by our 110% refund of the difference between the two products. Not only do we beat any price, but we offer free fright shipping as well. Buy today and shop with Short Order for the fastest orders and best restaurant equipment.