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No matter what type of restaurant you operate, or what you specialize in, we have all of the equipment you need to support an efficient kitchen.  The better quality materials and equipment you have, the better food you will produce.  With our selection of Garland restaurant equipment at, you can get everything you need to cook your entire menu to perfection.  We can also improve the consistency of your meats and foods with our Garland ranges.  They will help ensure your food is being cooked at the correct temperature, which will enhance your quality of food.

Garland Ranges

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Commercial Ranges

Ranges are a staple for restaurants and food service facilities the world over. Combining an oven component with a griddle or burner top, ranges can sauté, flambé, fry, bake, brown, broast, or melt your food at precisely the right temperature with ease. Whether your restaurant specializes in made-to-order meals or quick-service quality, a range helps you serve better food to your customers more efficiently.

Both heavy duty ranges and restaurant ranges have many different range top configurations, sizes, and oven types. When selecting commercial range tops, start by selecting which kind of connection you need, gas or electric. Then choose between open burners, a griddle, or a combination of both; measure your kitchen space to determine the range size you need; and decide what kind of range oven size and type would best fit your restaurant’s needs. After you find a range price that’s right for your budget, you’re all set.

With restaurant range brands like Garland, Vulcan, Turbo Air, and Wolf, ShortOrder knows quality, but also understands that value plays a big role in deciding which range to buy. Restaurant range cost at ShortOrder is backed by our Low Price Guarantee. When it comes to restaurant ranges, the Low Price Guarantee ensures that all our commercial kitchen equipment is offered at the best price available. In fact, if you find the same range at a lower advertised price, we will give you 110% of the difference. Plus, our free shipping makes it even easier to find a range at an ideal price.

Read our commercial restaurant range buying guide for more information, and shop for the best selection of ranges from today.

Garland Commercial Ovens

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Commercial Ovens

We have an expansive array of options when it comes to choosing the best system for your kitchen. Models come in heights ranging from a compact thirty inches to over six feet. For smaller spaces, a slim countertop model will fulfill your baking and broiling needs, without being obtrusive or using up precious floor space. For the ultimate customization, choose two different stacking models and create your dream system. We have models that work with electricity, or natural gas or propane, so you don’t have to worry about installing a new line, or settle for a system you don’t love. has systems from five name-brand companies, including Alto-Shaam, Vulcan, Bakers Pride, Garland, and Nemco. Whether you’re searching for a cook and hold model, a combi-oven, convection cooker, or pizza deck, we have the products that suit your needs best. 


All ninety-five commercial ovens we offer are designed to withstand rugged daily use from a professional kitchen and are crafted from sleek and easy to clean stainless steel. Don’t let your production and quality slip to the wayside with sub-par equipment—let the professionals at walk you through what makes and models are ideal for your situation and needs. We always stand behind our products and have fast and free shipping on every product delivered to a commercial address. Our best price guarantee allows you to find the products and systems you know and love and prices that can’t be beaten. 

Garland Commercial Griddles

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We offer a large variety of sizes and styles in our wide selection.  Whether you prefer natural gas or propane, we’ve got a plethora of choices for both.  With sizes from 12 to 72 inches, you can find something that fits into your current kitchen space and equipment perfectly.  With choices from top brands like Vulcan, APW, Turbo Air, Globe, and Wolf, we have everything you’re looking for.  With stainless steel cooking surfaces and a front grease trough, it makes it very easy to clean up efficiently.  Dealing with grease can be a hassle, but luckily our products do the work for you. Cooking all day won’t be a problem for our reliable choices; they are built to last in any condition.  

Our commercial griddle will provide accurate temperatures so you can effectively cook your meats and pancakes to perfection.  Mastering this craft isn’t easy, but with our products, you can truly set a new standard.  With free commercial shipping and installation services available, we can set it up in your space for an extremely low price.  With a wide thermostat for effective cooking solutions, you can prepare many different meals using our commercial griddle.  

We encourage you to check out many different options before making a final decision.  We have an incredible variety of styles and sizes; you never know when you may find the perfect one for your kitchen.  Improve the quality and efficiency of your kitchen by getting yours today!


Garland Char Broilers

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Char Broilers

Debating whether or not to invest in a new char broiler for your commercial restaurant? There are so many benefits to using a char broiler that you’ll wonder why you didn’t purchase one before.

What’s nice about using a char broiler in your commercial restaurant is that it cooks using dry heat, giving you that nice grilled taste and beautiful grill marks without having to actually use an outdoor grill. You can think of it as a firebox that has a grate atop the flame. Like an outdoor grill, a char broiler is primarily used to cook vegetables and meats like beef, chicken, or fish, but can also be used to finish off a dish or reheat an entrée.

We carry a wide variety of char broilers, and with a wide selection of size options, types, gas options, and manufacturers, you will be able to find the appliance that’s just right for your kitchen.

Garland Stock Pot Ranges

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Stock Pot Ranges

Stock pot ranges are exactly what they sound like—ranges built specifically for using individual stock pots. If your kitchen heats large amounts of liquids like soups or sauces throughout the day you probably run out of burners very quickly. Stock pot ranges eliminate this problem by providing a separate place to heat large pots. These ranges can be placed on the countertop or directly on the floor, depending on your kitchen needs. Stock pot ranges help free up burner space, but also stay out of the way when not in use.

Here at Short Order, we select brands like Turbo Air, Garland, and Wolf that construct equipment to be reliable and durable. The grates on many models are made from cast iron, which resists breaking and scratching. The use of cast iron allows the stock pot range to withstand the heaviest use. Additionally, most stock pot equipment comes with 2-ring burners, meaning that the burner has 2 rings each with separate temperature controls. These two-ring burners are designed to allow maximum temperature control over the heating process.

When shopping for a range model, take into consideration your restaurant’s particular needs. Stock pot ranges are manufactured with options of natural gas or propane and 1-2 burners. Restaurants that only need to heat large pots occasionally may opt for a 1-burner, light-duty, or medium-duty stock pot range. If your kitchen requires heating large volumes of liquid daily, then a 2-burner, heavy-duty option may be for you.

Short Order knows value is important to your restaurant. That’s why all our stock pot ranges and other restaurant equipment on are backed by our Low Price Guarantee. If you find the same product for a lower price somewhere else, Short Order pledges to refund you 110% of the price difference. And as always, all equipment purchased from ships for free.

Shop our selection of stock pot ranges today!

Garland Salamanders

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Here at, we only offer the best brands that all restaurants can depend on every single day.  With reliable options from Wolf and Garland, you can find a perfect choice based on your precise needs.  It can be used several different ways and can put the finishing touches on the perfect dish.  However you use it, is ultimately up to you, but we promise it will deliver the quality you’re paying for.  Our kitchen salamanders can help speed up the process in your kitchen. Your employees will stay on top of food times and won’t get caught behind.  Our choices will allow them to cook meats perfectly, it is also perfect for creating the perfect crisp on different kinds of fish without burning it.  The amount of quality uses for this product is endless, you can truly create a new level of quality with your foods by using this in your restaurant kitchen.  Every chef will appreciate having one available to them.

We can meet the needs of any budget and still provide a high-quality products.  You won’t find a better value anywhere else. If you have any questions, feel free to consult one of our experts, and they will be happy to help you.

Garland Char Broilers

To be the best, it’s important to use the best equipment.  We will help improve your kitchen with our various choices of Garland restaurant equipment. We can do all that and provide you an incredible value that will be hard to find anywhere else.  All of our equipment is strong and durable, which can go through anything you put it through in your kitchen.

Having accurate, quality ranges is also extremely important.  If your restaurant is constantly cooking meats and other food that require precise temperatures, you should invest in one of our Garland ranges.  They’re extremely accurate and are easily considered one of the best available.  You can depend on them time and time again; they’re very consistent and reliable.  It doesn’t matter if you run a quick-service style or you’re a world class restaurant, our ranges help enhance any kitchen.  We can help bring your foods to a new level; everything can be cooked exactly the way you like, every single time. We have everything you could need in your restaurant and kitchen.

We are committed to bringing you all of the tools and resources you need to run an efficient restaurant.  We are determined to offer all of our customers the best solutions while receiving a great value.  You can experience a new level of customer satisfaction by shopping with us!