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Frymaster Fryers

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Commercial Fryers

Deep fryers aren’t just for fast food French fries. Bakeries, diners, and full service restaurants can all benefit from commercial fryers just as much as quick service restaurants can. From house-made potato chips to authentic sopapillas to tempura-battered fish, deep fryers offer restaurants the opportunity to serve fresh, unique foods that are crispy and piping hot. When it comes to commercial fryers and other restaurant equipment, trust Commercial fryers are your kitchen equipment of choice when you want to cook with hot oil and consistently deliver delicious dishes to customers.

An ideal commercial fryer – like the quality fryers we vend at – is durable, safe, and easy to clean. With top-quality construction from brand names that are proven to deliver reliable results, fryers from always fit the bill. We carry fryers from a wide range of manufacturers including Dean fryers, Eagle fryers, Frymaster fryers, and Vulcan fryers.

What do you need to know about buying a fryer for your restaurant? To start, figure out what specifications you need to meet. What type of fryer do you need? How large should the capacity be? What is your budget for a new fryer?

When it comes to types of sediment zones, we carry fryers with all kinds, including open pot, tube type, and flat bottom. Each type of fryer has unique advantages, depending on the recovery time you require, the ease with which you need to clean it, and the types of food you will be cooking.

The capacity of your fryer depends upon the amount of food you need to cook and the amount of oil required. Additionally, you should consider the amount of space you have for a fryer in your commercial kitchen and choose a size accordingly. Commercial fryers from range from 10 lbs. to 100 lbs. in oil capacity, so there is a fryer for every need. Restaurants of all sizes can benefit from adding a fryer to a commercial kitchen.

All of our equipment is backed by our Low Price Guarantee, which promises customers a 110% refund of the difference if you find the same item for less at another vendor. And no matter what price you pay for your restaurant equipment, you will always receive free freight from To learn more about deep fryers, view the Short Order fryer buyer’s guide, and shop for the best deep fryers here at

Frymaster Fryer Filters

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Fryer Filters

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Frymaster Fryers

When you need world-renowned frying equipment, the Frymaster brand is the clear choice for your restaurant. These commercial fryers are well-known by chefs and restaurant owners for their reliability and ease of use. Frymaster’s designs maximize performance and fried food quality, with labor- and energy-saving features built right in. As a Manitowoc company, Frymaster is involved with various programs that support you in reaching major goals for your restaurant. These include lowering your impact on the environment and streamlining your operations. In fact, Frymaster fryers and accessories are mindfully designed to be as efficient as possible by improving effectiveness in your kitchen. One design trademark of these fryers is the Deep Cool Zone, a special compartment that holds cooler oil in the frypot. Stray food particles are directed into the cool zone, which prevents carbonized crumbs from compromising the taste of your fried food. Frymaster commercial fryers are also notoriously easy to clean and have quick temperature recovery.

Did you know that choosing the right fryer for your restaurant is the number one way to improve the health of fried food and even extend oil life in your fryer? This is why Frymaster has made efforts to help food service leaders respond to consumer interest in healthier fried food preparation via the Fit Frying initiative. Additionally, the company has made a commitment through Operation Green to helping restaurants use fewer resources and thereby lessen their environmental impact. The efficient design of Frymaster products enables them to save up to 25% of the energy and water used by other models. As a result of Frymaster’s dedication to excellence, Frymaster fryers and filters have been specially selected by top editors at Foodservice Equipment and Supplies magazine, a leading industry publication based in Chicago. In May 2009, a Frymaster fryer also received the prestigious Kitchen Innovations Award at the National Restaurant Association trade show in Chicago. The award was received for excellence in food service industry product innovation.

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