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Since its inception in 1947, Eagle restaurant equipment has been a leading manufacturer and has the largest product offering from any one manufacturer in the industry. ShortOrder.com is proud to offer a large selection of their products to you. We carry Eagle equipment stands, dish sinks, steam tables, shelving kits, work tables, fryers, countertop warmers, pan and tray racks, sinks, security carts, ice bins, keg racks, underbar equipment, pizza tables, drainboard glass racks, and blender stations. All of these products are considered to not only be essential pieces to any commercial kitchen but also to be superior to other brands. Eagle has come to be a reliable, trustworthy name in the food industry. Eagle restaurant equipment has received several Editor’s Choice ratings from us so that you can expect a high level of quality from any of the equipment offered here.

Eagle Equipment Stands (8 products) Equipment Stands

Eagle equipment stands are made of heavy duty 16 gauge, type 304 stainless steel and are an excellent addition to any commercial kitchen. ShortOrder’s selection of equipment stands by Eagle range from 36” to 72” in length and in depths of 24” or 30”. All qualify for free commercial shipping and are backed by our low price guarantee. If you find it cheaper at a competitor, give us a call! We’ll beat their price by 10% of the difference, guaranteed.

Eagle Dish/ Compartment Sinks (33 products) Dish/ Compartment Sinks

Every restaurant needs a good quality dish sink. Eagle dish compartments sinks are built to withstand the daily wear and tear of even the busiest restaurant! ShortOrder carries a large selection of Eagle dish sinks, with, or without, drain boards and with anywhere from one to four separate compartments. No buyers remorse here, all of our prices are backed by our low price guarantee and we offer free commercial shipping on all equipment.

Eagle Steam Tables (14 products) Steam Tables

Steam Tables

You might call it a steam table, hot food warmer, or hot food table. But when serving a large number of people, having a reliable and well-made steam table is a necessity. With this appliance you will no longer have to worry about your food going cold. Every commercial restaurant should utilize this great piece of equipment; especially those that cook for large masses like cafeterias, buffets, or restaurants that need to pre-make certain menu items before opening.

Gas and electric hot food tables have both been designed to hold pans full of hot food. Both do the job equally well, but electric heat a little quicker and can hold to a more precise temperature. If you prefer the table’s wells be exposed to its heating elements, so that you can use spillage pans or not use them for moist or dry warmth, an open well table is your best option. However, if you want the heating element sealed and to keep water in the well itself for moist heat only, you should purchase a closed well steam table.

It doesn’t matter which size, brand, style, or finish you and your restaurant are looking for, ShortOrder is here to make sure you get exactly what you want at the best price and free shipping. 

Eagle Restaurant Shelving (48 products) Restaurant Shelving

Eagle dry storage shelving kits are great for just about any business, and feel right at home in your home too. ShortOrder has large selection of shelving kits available in lengths ranging from 36” to 72” and depths of 18” or 24”. If you’re looking for a certain finish, we can help! We have kits available in zinc, chrome, green epoxy coating, grey epoxy coating or stainless steel finish. All Eagle shelving kits come complete with 4 shelves, 4 poles and 4 casters, as well as free shipping and our low price guarantee.

Eagle Fryers (2 products) Fryers

Countertop Fryers

Eagle countertop fryers are great for frying small amounts of food and use much less oil than a stand alone fryer. ShortOrder has Eagle fryers avaialable in 120 volt or 240 volt electric, with a 15 lb. oil capacity. They also qualify for our free commercial shipping and are backed by our best price guarantee.

Eagle Work Tables (55 products) Work Tables

Work Tables

If you're looking for work tables or other restaurant equipment, shop our impressive selection at ShortOrder.com.
Eagle Open Base Work Tables (40 products) Open Base Work Tables

Eagle open base work tables are perfect for any home or business that needs a stainless steel work table, but doesn’t want a bottom shelf. ShortOrder carries a large selection, with lengths from 24” to 96” and depths of either 24” or 30”. Whether you need a table without a backsplash, with a tall backsplash, or something in between, we’ve got you covered! All Eagle open base work tables ship free and are protected by the ShortOrder.com low price guarantee.

Eagle Countertop Warmers (3 products) Countertop Warmers

Shop ShortOrder's selection of Eagle countertop warmers and you'll have warm dishes to serve all year round. They are available in models that hold round or rectangle pans and in 120 or 208 volts. Buy with confidence knowing that all Eagle countertop warmers are backed by our best price guarantee and ship free to any commercial address. 


Eagle Pan & Tray Racks (6 products) Pan & Tray Racks

Pan & Tray Racks

Short Order supplies all your restaurant equipment needs—especially when it comes to storage. Pan and tray racks are the perfect storage solutions for saving countertop space in high-volume kitchens. With capacities ranging from 7 trays to 40 trays, these units will hold a wide variety of food products until they are ready to be served. This makes them the ideal addition to your bakery or catering business. Whether you need to store pizza dough, cakes, or pans of premade food, the uses for these racks are limited only by your imagination.

We offer many different options for pan and tray racks including your choice of pan/tray capacity, half or full height models, front or side loading designs, and units specifically made for bakery buns or pizzas. Additionally, many of these handy storage units come equipped with swivel casters that make them easy maneuver around the kitchen or store. A number of models have adjustable racks, which allows you to customize the rack heights to fit your needs. Built from tough aluminum or stainless steel, these racks will resist rusting, so they can withstand the moisture in your kitchen or walk-in refrigerator. No matter what you need to store, there is a pan or tray rack perfect for your kitchen.

With brands like Eagle, Lakeside, and New Age, Short Order recognizes that both quality and value are important when buying restaurant equipment. Here at Short Order, we want to ensure that you pay the best price available on all equipment. That’s why our Low Price Guarantee ensures all our pan and tray racks. With our Low Price Guarantee, we promise to refund you 110% of the price difference if you happen to find the same product from a different vendor at a lower price. Additionally, no matter what you buy at ShortOrder.com, all equipment purchases come with free freight.

Check out our inventory of pan and tray racks and find the right storage solution for your kitchen!
Eagle Mop Sinks (4 products) Mop Sinks

Eagle mop sinks are a great choice for quick clean up. ShortOrder carries floor-mount models in either a 12” or 15” height. All are made of durable stainless steel and are built to last. Eagle mop sinks are backed by the ShortOrder low price guarantee and ship free to any commercial address (in the USA).

Eagle Hand Sinks (5 products) Hand Sinks

Eagle hand sinks are a great choice for most any business. ShortOrder carries models made for wall-mounting or drop-in applications. All are made of durable stainless steel and are NSF certified. All Eagle hand sinks are backed by our best price guarantee and will ship free to any commercial address in the contiguous United States.

Eagle Bar Sinks (13 products) Bar Sinks

ShortOrder.com prides itself on carrying superior quality equipment at a great price. Eagle bar sinks are no exception to that rule. With numerous selections to choose from in sizes ranging from 24” to 96” with two to four compartments, you’re sure to find the right one for your bar. Shop and save at ShortOrder with our low price guarantee and free commercial shipping.

Eagle Display Shelving (6 products) Display Shelving

Eagle display shelving is the perfect addition to almost any business. Whether you want to display items for sale to customers or you want to organize your supplies at your business, a quality shelving unit will do the job! ShortOrder carries a selection of kits, complete with 4 shelves, poles and casters, ready to go with free shipping. You won’t pay less anywhere else, we guarantee!

Eagle Underbar Ice Bins (13 products) Underbar Ice Bins

Ice Bins and Cocktail Equipment

With our stainless steel materials, your ice will stay cold and solid all day.  You can depend and rely on these at all times; they’re also very durable and strong.  They’re easy to get in and out of quickly with the sliding cover.  The capacities and weight of the bins are listed in the product descriptions.  Our choices are relatively lightweight, but some are much heavier than others.  If that is a factor in your buying decision, make sure you carefully evaluate the weight of the bin and make sure you and your staff has space for it.  Depending on how big your bar area is, you may not be able to fit some of our bigger underbar ice bins.  That’s why we do our best to offer all types of sizes, styles, and choices.  That way you can find exactly what you need for your restaurant.

Some of the best restaurants are known for the quality of their bars and the drinks they provide.  With a quality underbar ice bin, you can keep your drinks as cold as ever. It will also help your bartenders stay organized and more efficient.  They can create drinks faster and have a better space to work with in their bar area.  They’re going to be there all the time, so they need to have space and be comfortable.

ShortOrder.com will give you everything your bar or restaurant needs to perform even better at the bar.  Buying one of our underbar ice bins would be a great start to that.  If you have any other questions about anything, please contact us!

Eagle Keg Racks (4 products) Keg Racks

Eagle keg racks are a great way to store your back-up kegs. They are built to last and are available in lengths ranging from 42” to 93”, with anywhere from a 4- to 10-keg capacity. Eagle keg racks ship broken down and require some assembly with an allen wrench, which is provided. Shop with confidence at ShortOrder.com knowing that you’re getting the best price online, guaranteed. You’ll also get free commercial shipping on all equipment - including keg racks!

Eagle Under Bar Equipment (0 products) Under Bar Equipment

Under Bar Equipment

When it comes to quality, many say it's what's underneath that counts—and nowhere is this truer than behind the bar. The under bar equipment an establishment uses can make or break the level of service patrons get, so having the right equipment to get the job done is a must. Staying organized, clean, and ready to go means you'll see smoother service, happy customers, and better tips.

That's why ShortOrder.com carries top under bar equipment brands like Glastender, with equipment choices for every bar's need. Glass racks to keep glassware organized and at-the-ready, liquor displays to keep all ingredient options at your fingertips, ice bins to fill up and keep drinks fresh, all-in-one work board sink stations so you can be as efficient as possible—it's easy to run a better bar with help from ShortOrder. Plus, all our products are made to last, to ensure that your equipment stands up to the hectic pace of life behind the bar.

It’s not just our equipment that's dependable—our prices are too! The ShortOrder.com “Low Price Guarantee” means we promise to refund 110% of the difference in cost if you find the same piece of restaurant equipment at a lower cost anywhere. Additionally, all equipment orders get free commercial shipping, and have the option of available installation.

To keep the quality level of your bar high, start where the drinks are made! Shop our restaurant equipment online and find the perfect piece of under bar equipment for your place today.

Eagle Pizza Cut & Pack Tables (3 products) Pizza Cut & Pack Tables

Pizza Cut and Pack Tables

Find a wide selection of pizza cut and pack tables at ShortOrder.com.
Eagle Drainboard Glass Racks (1 product) Drainboard Glass Racks

Eagle drainboard glass racks are the ideal solution for any bar without a lot of counter space behind the bar. They allow you space to drain clean glasses and additional storage space beneath the drainboard. All Eagle drainboard glass racks ship free and are backed by our low price guarantee.

Eagle Blender Stations (1 product) Blender Stations

Eagle blender stations allow bartenders to quickly blend delicious beverages with all the ingredients within arms reach. All Eagle blender stations ship free and are backed by our low price guarantee.

Top Products

Eagle Foodservice Equipment and Work Tables

Due to the wide range of products offered, Eagle restaurant equipment can cater to just about any type of restaurant. Whether it is a bar that just needs some underbar equipment and glass racks, or a full-service restaurant that needs the works, including a steam table, Eagle offers it. Eagle is a great manufacturer that is well-known in the industry for a reason. Here we are pleased to be able to offer such fantastic kitchen equipment at great prices. It’s unusual to find so many products all in one spot, especially at low prices. No matter what your restaurant needs, you are sure to find what you are looking for here. 

Sometimes finding all the necessary pieces to complete your restaurant can be tricky and require a lot of searching for the right products that will last you for many years to come. ShortOrder wants to eliminate that issue and be your one stop shop for all your kitchen needs. Eagle restaurant equipment helps us do just that with their wide variety of products. All of their products come in different models and sizes to help you find one that works, no matter the size of your kitchen or the amount of open space available.