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If you are looking for some of the best products to build your kitchen with, look no further than Delfield kitchen equipment. Delfield makes outstanding commercial restaurant equipment and has many different products for you to browse through to complete your kitchen. They offer drop-in food wells, standard top sandwich prep tables, steam tables, under counter refrigerators, reach in refrigerators, worktop refrigerators, ice bins, pizza prep tables, and ice cream freezers, just to name a few. By offering such a wide variety of equipment, they can meet the needs of many different consumers. From ice cream shops to delis to Michelin rated restaurants, Delfield kitchen equipment has products for you. Several of the drop-in food wells have received an Editor’s Choice rating from us, ensuring that you are getting a high-quality product when you make a purchase.

Delfield Kitchen Equipment Reach In Refrigeration

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We have six quality brands to choose from, including Beverage-Air, Turbo Air, and Traulsen. Our Traulsen line offers over one hundred products, with plenty of options. Choose either a sleek and space-saving single section or a wider two-section model with ample storage for everything you need chilled. These units come in easy-to-clean and modern stainless steel, or more aesthetic glass, in either full or half sized doors. 

There are also two pass-through models for the most efficient cooling and storage. We are excited to carry True company products, as well. Among the forty-eight models offered, there are three that have pass-through doors, and thirteen that are Energy Star Compliant. also offers reach in refrigerator products from Randell. With either stainless steel or glass full-height doors, and one or two sections, it’s easy to see why Randell has been voted “Best in Class” by Food Service Equipment Supplies Magazine. 

We also offer a wide range of models from top-of-the-line Beverage-Air company. Known for functionality and reliability, we have over eighty models to choose from. With either top or bottom mounting, and left and right hinging options, these systems come with full and half height doors in glass or stainless steel. Seventy of the Beverage-Air systems are Energy Star Compliant, giving you the most efficiency for your kitchen. Also named “Best in Class” by Food Service Equipment Supplies Magazine is the Delfield line of reach in refrigerators. Ten of the thirteen models are Energy Star Compliant. 

In addition to top of the line refrigeration products, we also offer reach in freezers for all your culinary needs. These reach-in freezers come in different models, including one and two-door models.

Select from full or half eight glass or stainless steel doors with left and right hinging options. offers twenty-five models from Turbo Air, including a stunning display case with sliding glass doors. The functional kitchen models offer full glass or stainless steel doors and either top or bottom mounting.

Delfield Kitchen Equipment Steam Tables

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Steam Tables

You might call it a steam table, hot food warmer, or hot food table. But when serving a large number of people, having a reliable and well-made steam table is a necessity. With this appliance you will no longer have to worry about your food going cold. Every commercial restaurant should utilize this great piece of equipment; especially those that cook for large masses like cafeterias, buffets, or restaurants that need to pre-make certain menu items before opening.

Gas and electric hot food tables have both been designed to hold pans full of hot food. Both do the job equally well, but electric heat a little quicker and can hold to a more precise temperature. If you prefer the table’s wells be exposed to its heating elements, so that you can use spillage pans or not use them for moist or dry warmth, an open well table is your best option. However, if you want the heating element sealed and to keep water in the well itself for moist heat only, you should purchase a closed well steam table.

It doesn’t matter which size, brand, style, or finish you and your restaurant are looking for, ShortOrder is here to make sure you get exactly what you want at the best price and free shipping. 

Delfield Kitchen Equipment Undercounter Refrigeration

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Undercounter Refrigerators and Undercounter Refrigeration Units

We are proud to carry some of the best brands in the industry including Beverage-Air, True, and Traulsen. You know when you purchase from one of these brands that you are getting a great deal, and some of the highest quality available to you. Our under counter commercial refrigeration units come in many different styles to match perfectly to your needs. We offer your basic two-door models, to some that have eight drawers. We also have models that are combinations of doors and drawers so that you can store whatever you need to with ease and peace of mind, knowing that it all has a place. 

We also carry models in different size lengths, so you can easily fit one in even the smallest, tightest area to meet your needs. We start at 20-inch models and go all the way up to 119-inch models for you to choose from. You are sure to find something that works for your kitchen.

While we are very proud to offer under counter commercial refrigeration units, we also offer under counter freezer units, for those who need the extra space for freezable items. This gives you even more variety in what you can offer your customers. The freezer units offer easy access to ice or other frozen foods while the refrigeration units give you easy access to cold drinks for your customers. Browse through our selection, and find one that is perfect for you.

Delfield Kitchen Equipment Drop-In Food Wells

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Drop-In Hot Food Wells

Trust Short Order with your drop-in hot food wells and restaurant equipment needs.

Delfield Kitchen Equipment Standard Top Sandwich Prep Refrigeration

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These standard top sandwich prep refrigeration choices come with many different unique features.  The pans are cooled from the bottom, so airflow assures that the product in open containers is kept below 41 degrees and above freezing.  This helps the appearance and taste of these items; it will keep everything fresh and reduce bacteria.  There are removable hoods and insulated lid assemblies made with matching stainless steel.  Everything is designed to be cleaned up easily, thanks to the strong, durable surface it's created with.  Because of its size, it is made with wheels to help make it easier to transport or move around your space.  We have many different options that have different storage options to offer.  We have a wide variety of sizes and styles available so you can find what works for your specific needs.  Whether you’re a sub shop or need it in your restaurant, it will get the job done on a consistent basis.  You can rely on this to provide your customers with fresh ingredients every single time.

The use of standard top sandwich prep refrigeration has been widely used by many for a long time. It helps organize your ingredients and sides to provide the best experience for your customers.  It can help your employees work more efficiently on a normal basis.  If you have any trouble finding the perfect one for your distinct needs, please let us know so we can help.  Thanks for checking out our wide selection at!

Delfield Kitchen Equipment Mega Top Sandwich Prep Refrigeration

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Sandwich Prep Tables and Sandwich Prep Stations

The idea of having the best ingredients, meats, and sides to go with your menu can make the difference for your business.  Our mega top sandwich prep refrigeration will help you enhance your quality, and you can organize your foods easier.  We give you plenty of space to work with, and most items include removable hoods with insulated lids that are made of stainless steel.  Our materials are strong and durable, and will keep your foods at the perfect temperature for as long as you need and then some!

There are countless uses of a refrigerated prep table.  Whether you need it to make pizzas, subs, salads, our choices will do the job.  With a full-length removable cutting board, you can easily slice and dice ingredients easily.  No matter how you plan on using it, we give you some of the best options on the market.  That comes with an affordable price and a great value as well.  The combination of our choices will enhance the efficiency in your kitchen, as well as keeping the quality extremely high.  It will be easier to keep all of your best ingredients fresh and organized in your given space, which will help all of your employees do great work on a consistent basis.

With our low price guarantee at, you can find one of the best options while saving money on your purchase.  We have a great variety where you can find exactly what you need.  If you need help in deciding what’s best for you, please contact us.

Delfield Kitchen Equipment Worktop Refrigerators

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We offer a large selection of high-quality worktop refrigerators to help you maximize space and cooling capacity. Our inventory features the top names in worktop refrigerators, such as Beverage-Air, True, and Traulsen, to name a few. All of these trusted names feature the best in quality, durability, and capability. When choosing a worktop refrigerator for your restaurant, keep in mind the exact measurements of the provided space for the unit to help you decide on the best unit for your individual needs. We offer many smaller units with single doors for an extra bit of refrigeration and larger units with up to three doors for maximizing space and refrigeration. Made from sturdy and easy to care for stainless steel, these units come in a variety of styles from glass doors for a display case appearance to units with drawers instead of the typical shelving option. 

At, we care about our customers which is why we offer free shipping on orders being shipped to a commercial address. We also proudly offer our Low Price Guarantee promise that ensures you get the best price on the market. If you find one of our products being offered at a lower price, we will match it or beat the price altogether! Our top priority is to make sure you get what you need at prices you can afford. Call or order online today to experience a better way to buy commercial equipment!


Delfield Kitchen Equipment Pizza Prep Tables and Stations

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Pizza Prep Tables and Pizza Prep stations

Essential for any restaurant that makes a large quantity of pizza, our commercial pizza prep table selection offers both quality and variety. Depending on the degree of your pizza operation, ShortOrder has a pizza prep table for every pizza-making joint. With a wide variety of pan capacities, there are options for restaurants that keep it simple and options for pizza places that offer just about every topping you can think of. If you’re using the table for small side-pizzas, you probably want to opt for a model with a smaller capacity. Conversely, if you’re making extra-larges pies, we offer massive stations with lots of storage and will hold a ton of pans as well. In addition, if you’re looking for a convenient way to keep your dough fresh and keep your back-ups close at hand, they come with built-in refrigeration underneath.

The pizza prep tables and stations at ShortOrder are selected to offer you the most value for your dollar. That’s why we work to bring you industry-leading, name-brand commercial pizza prep tables and stations. Our quality brands include: Beverage-Air, Randell, Turbo Air, Delfield, Traulsen, and True pizza prep tables. Plus, when you shop at ShortOrder, you also receive our Low Price Guarantee. Shop ShortOrder today for all your commercial kitchen equipment needs.

Delfield Kitchen Equipment Underbar Ice Bins

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Ice Bins and Cocktail Equipment

With our stainless steel materials, your ice will stay cold and solid all day.  You can depend and rely on these at all times; they’re also very durable and strong.  They’re easy to get in and out of quickly with the sliding cover.  The capacities and weight of the bins are listed in the product descriptions.  Our choices are relatively lightweight, but some are much heavier than others.  If that is a factor in your buying decision, make sure you carefully evaluate the weight of the bin and make sure you and your staff has space for it.  Depending on how big your bar area is, you may not be able to fit some of our bigger underbar ice bins.  That’s why we do our best to offer all types of sizes, styles, and choices.  That way you can find exactly what you need for your restaurant.

Some of the best restaurants are known for the quality of their bars and the drinks they provide.  With a quality underbar ice bin, you can keep your drinks as cold as ever. It will also help your bartenders stay organized and more efficient.  They can create drinks faster and have a better space to work with in their bar area.  They’re going to be there all the time, so they need to have space and be comfortable. will give you everything your bar or restaurant needs to perform even better at the bar.  Buying one of our underbar ice bins would be a great start to that.  If you have any other questions about anything, please contact us!

Delfield Kitchen Equipment Chef Base Refrigeration

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Chef Base Refrigerators

Each chef base refrigerator can hold a certain amount of weight and has their own set of unique features.  Most drawers can be removed conveniently and cleaned with ease.  Maintaining a clean kitchen is extremely important for any chef and kitchen staff.  We will give you the best materials that produce the quality foods you need while providing an easy way to clean them.  A chef base can vary in size and weight, so be sure you get one that fits in your space perfectly.  Our materials provide the strongest drawers in the industry and can be removed without using any tools.  You can get a rugged workspace that is strong and built to handle the everyday circumstances of your kitchen. What could be better than that?  

Our materials will also prevent dust from collecting over time, giving you less to clean and worry about.  Our stainless steel has been developed through rigorous testing and research over the years.  Experts in the field have really perfected this item; we are honored to have it in our collection.

When you shop with, you get free commercial shipping and a low price guarantee.  We will do everything possible to ensure it is installed correctly as well.  Our team is determined to offer you outstanding customer service before and after your purchase.  If you have any other questions, shoot us an email or give us a call!

Delfield Kitchen Equipment Ice Cream Freezers and Spot Freezers

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Spot Freezers and Ice Cream Freezers

If you are running an ice cream shop, a commercial ice cream freezer is a must have for your shop to be successful. Every customer wants to be able to see the different flavors of ice cream right at the counter when they order. We all know a flavor may sound good, but sometimes the color and ingredients of another one will cause you to try something new. If customers weren’t able to see that, they could be missing out on their new favorite flavor of ice cream. 

We are pleased to offer some fantastic brands that sell commercial ice cream freezers. We offer True, Beverage-Air, and Delfield, all who sell only high-quality products that will meet your needs and last for years to come. In addition to a few different brands to choose from, we also offer our freezers in different styles. There is the traditional drop-in style that one thinks of when one thinks about an ice cream freezer. Also, we offer free standing models for you to browse through. No matter what space or location you need it in, you will be able to find a freezer that meets your needs and spaces. 

All of these are offered with our great low price guarantee and free shipping for you, as well as our Editor’s Choice award for many of the products. Browse our selection today, we are sure you will find what you are looking for.

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Delfield Refrigeration

The company has been around for over 40 years, so it is safe to say they are an expert in their field, as well as a leading manufacturer of commercial restaurant equipment.  Delfield is a part of another big name in the industry, Manitowoc Foodservice. Both are leaders of the industry, so a purchase from this company means purchasing the best. Here at, we are pleased to offer some of the lowest prices on these high-quality items. Also, we always offer free shipping on all equipment, to help you save your hard-earned money.

You will be able to find whatever it is you are looking for by digging a little deeper into the Delfield kitchen equipment we have to offer. They're especially noted for being one of the largest custom stainless steel refrigeration manufacturers in the world. That is why so many of the options offered are related to food cooling and refrigeration of some sort. If you have the opportunity to buy the best, why wouldn’t you take it? Browse our selection, and we are sure you will find plenty of products to help build the perfect kitchen for your restaurant.