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Crescor has been creating innovative solutions for the food industry since 1936.  Our goal is to create products that make it easier for all restaurants and catering services to move food safely from one place to another.  Depending on what food you have prepared, it can present some challenges. If you have prepared food in a pan, tray, or anything, our heated cabinets and other choices can safely move your food where it needs to go.  It is one of the safest and most efficient ways to get the job done for all chefs and restaurants.

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Holding Cabinets

Holding cabinets are an essential piece of equipment for restaurants looking to keep food warm and delectable before serving it to customers. Heated holding cabinets help preserve the temperature of pre-made food items, so you’ll never have to worry about dishing out cold food to customers. Maximum temperature control helps maintain enhanced food safety and taste.

Short Order offers many quality brands of heated holding cabinets including: Alto-Shaam, Crescor, Hatco, Metro, and Vulcan. Each brand comes with different features. When buying a holding cabinet, the first consideration should be what type of cabinet will best suit your business needs. Mobile cabinets have wheels that combine food warming with easy transportation. Countertop cabinets are convenient if your restaurant is short on floor space. Pizza cabinets are full-sized cabinets that are specifically designed to store larger quantities of pizza. Short Order carries both half-height and full-height holding cabinets to meet your restaurants’ food capacity needs. Half-height cabinets are best for smaller restaurants or smaller warmed food quantities, whereas full-height holding cabinets are best for full-service restaurants. Most cabinets have full-size pan (12” x 20”) capacity. Other considerations should include what voltage is required (120/1v or 208-240v) and whether you need an insulated or non-insulated holding cabinet.

Short Order recognizes that quality and value are important when buying restaurant equipment. Our Low Price Guarantee backs all holding cabinets and any other restaurant equipment. If you find a better price offer from another vendor, we promise to refund 110% of the price difference on the same item. No matter what you buy, Short Order ensures free freight on all restaurant and bar equipment purchases.

Short Order has a wide selection of heated holding cabinet to keep your restaurant operating at its best. Shop our equipment today and save with our quality products and low prices.

You may think that a “food moving device” is easy to make and create effectively, but it is a lot more difficult to take from concept to product.  The wheels on our products are strong and easy to control with precision.  Crescor continues to improve and perfect their craft in creating heated cabinets and mobile holding cabinets, which are perfect for all types of restaurants.  They have created revolutionary solutions for the foodservice industry, making it much easier for many to transport food wherever it needs to go.  We have choices that can operate on several different power sources to keep your food warm and prepared.  While inside, our choices can run on electricity, then on propane as you’re transporting and moving it.  We also have solar powered electronic controls, as Crescor is focused on being green in as many ways as possible.  We have a great variety of holding cabinets and many effective ways to keep your food hot, and be able to transport it at the same time.  We will make sure you find something that meets your specific needs and requirements.

Crescor offers solutions unlike anyone else to the food service industry; the products have helped many restaurants operate effectively and efficiently while maintaining their quality high reputations.  We can find a quality option in everyone’s budget as we offer a great selection here. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact one of our experts.