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Cleveland Commercial Steamers

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Commercial Steamers

Labeled as one of the most efficient ways to cook, having a high-quality commercial steamer is an essential part to running a successful commercial kitchen. What’s nice about cooking with one is that whether you use a pressure or pressure-less steamer, your food will cook quickly and retain all of its nutrients and color.

In addition to having a shorter cook time, commercial steamers don’t require as much oil or butter when cooking, so your food is much healthier for the customer. Because your restaurant’s food will be low fat, tastes great, and is healthy, you’ll have people lined up around the block to eat.

At Short Order we offer a variety of commercial steamers that are either powered by natural gas, propane, or are electric. We also carry a few different model types such as the microwave/steamer combination, the connectionless steamer, and the convection steamer. Every single one of our commercial steamers is amazing, and we highly recommend them all.

Cleveland Kettles

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Steam Kettles come in all different shapes and sizes. These steam kettles will help in cooking time and steam food perfectly. We offer Direct Steam Kettles and Electric Kettles. The Direct Steam Kettles is ideal for steamed clams, mussels or just about any seafood.

Cleveland Convection Steamers

Cleveland formed in 1922 when it broke off from its parent company Born Range and unleashed a number of 'firsts' in the world of steam cooking: • The first stainless steel steam cooker. • The first steam cooker with thermostatic traps. • The first steam cooker with synchronized pressure relief valves. • The first steam cooker with removable aluminum doors. • The first steam cooker with copper jet boilers. • The first steam cooker with atmospheric steam generation. Of those innovations, 100% of them are still commonplace features of steam cookers on the modern market. That tells you the degree to which Cleveland steamers have shaped the world of steam cooking. But Cleveland didn't stop there; they proceeded ‘full steam ahead’: • In 1974, they introduced the first pressure-less convection steamer. • In 1979, they took pressure-less convection steaming to the countertop with a portable model. • In 1990, they introduced the first high-capacity convection steamer. • In 2002, they introduced the first boiler-less convection steamer. • And they continue to innovate today, in a market that was once considered 'dead' for decades. To put it more concisely, there is no company other than Cleveland that is completely focused on the art and science of steam cooking. They produce some of the most advanced literature on the market about steam cooking, and there is always a Cleveland steamer expert available to talk to you about any aspect of steam, skillet, or combination cooking. There are a number of reasons why is proud to offer Cleveland products, but it all boils down to the fact that there is no better company to work with if you want to offer the world’s best steamers. Short Order’s line of steamers is always evolving, but the one thing you can count on is that as long as they're from Cleveland, you’re going to get a high-quality, long-lasting steamer you can count on.